Miami Beach

When we were preparing for our few hours in Miami I penciled in Art Deco district as my must-see. The hubs on the other hand had Miami Beach/South Beach as his - which didn't raise an eyebrow. Who would have thought that both spots were located in the same neighborhood. We got a two-fer here, saves so much time in our already limited stay in this hop-pening city.

It was a substantial distance away from our hotel in Doral, although we enjoyed the drive. The hubs and I felt a Vegas vibe while we were cruising the city roads/freeway of Miami. At one point, we both say to each other how that exact scene in front of us reminded us of Vegas so much.

The traffic crawled painfully as we neared the end of this road and the road turned into Ocean Drive - one side is the beach and the other is a line of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, etc. This is is the place to be if one wants to imbibe the local color.
Patience was the key here. The vehicles that crammed the entire length of this one-way avenue were inching their way into I don’t know where. While I was all bug-eyed looking out the window, I was also peeking at any available street parking spot. More minutes passed and as we continuously inched our way down the road, I spotted a car leaving its spot. We swooped in and we knew we got lucky.
We parked the car. Paid the parking meter and mapped out our plan to see this place. First we need to take a gander at this beach famous all over the world for beautiful people and good time.
The heat was unrelenting but the beach was full, lovely beautiful people who doesn’t need Jenny Craig’s guidance sunning themselves, playing, swimming, walking. The beach area was massive, never seen a beach this wide before. The sand was white, is this how Boracay’s sand looks like?
2011_09_10 118
2011_09_10 121
2011_09_10 122
2011_09_10 135
2011_09_10 128
2011_09_10 136
2011_09_10 138
2011_09_04 235
Impressive beach scene. The heat won and I had to concede defeat. I cannot stay out under this scorching rays any longer and the stomach was grumbling. Nothing to eat after McDonald’s breakfast after leaving the airport and munching on the drive to Everglades this am.
~ to be continued~


  1. What is the temperature there during the time of your shooting? The people seem not to mind the heat of the sun, considering they lack the melanine which will protech them! It looks so hot in the picture.

  2. They do have super-wide beaches it almost look like a runway for 747s, LOL! The only thing I dislike with beaches in the East Coast - whether in Long Island or South Beach - is the strong rip currents.

  3. I've never been there, Maria, so once again I'm seeing something new through your eyes. Always a treat, I must say!

  4. ang wide nga ng sand ng beach jan. parang iba tlga aura ng beach jan sa beach ng Pinas. sa Boracay lang ata ako nakakita ng madameng nagsa-sun bathing

  5. I like your capacity to admire each place you visit. Miami is a place to visit, not to stay, right?



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  6. ANDREA - it was 105F + humidity :)

    IRREDENTO URBANITA - I agree, Miami has a lot to offer, but not to me :). My almost 2 days there were enough I thought.

  7. 105F? That is hot! But wonderful beach scene. It's torturing me right now as I'm freezing off my butt. :)

  8. beach may not be as beuatiful as the ones here but wow! the skyrise buildings by the beach is really nice.

  9. You were lucky to get a parking spot. Fine series… those high rises are spectacular. I liked all the beach shoes of people enjoying the beautiful white sand. Nice post.

  10. so nice, warm and sunny...i want that now.

  11. looooove the sand shot with the tracks. poetic!

  12. I just realized how normal those white umbrellas on the beach were put up. Here in UAE, strangely (or strategically for some reasons) they were put up the opposite direction.


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