Simian Sightings

Tortuguero is the land of turtles and turtles - the giant green turtles - were the reason we had this leg of our tour here. We got to see the giant turtle ONCE, but the monkeys living in the trees around the lodge gave us company day and night. They even became our alarm clocks when they jump onto the roof making a whole lot of clatter at 5 am. Watching them swing from branches to branches is fascinating and memory card beware!

He was the first one we saw sleeping atop a bough on our arrival. We were just depositing our luggage in our room when all of a sudden there he was.
2011_09_04 554
In our entire time there we spotted a family of monkeys, here you see the baby being carried on the mom's back.
2011_09_04 549
He's probably used to humans shooting at him.
2011_09_04 538
I spent a lot of time looking up craning my neck and using up a lot of memory space. Hubby took this pic.
2011_09_04 540
He's letting it all hang out.
In the lodge we saw 2 kinds of monkeys, one more plentiful than the other.
He is very cooperative.
The little baby trying it on his own.


  1. i love the last photo...shows a lot of determination from that baby.

  2. Sorry, but the tarsiers here in Bohol are way cuter! hehehe ...

  3. You're funny when you said " He's letting it all hang out" .....boso ka pati kami sinama mo hahaha

    I like the last one too, so cute


  4. "he's letting it all hang out" LOL
    i love the 3rd photo--looks like he's posing for you with a smug expression.:p

  5. I still remember the first time I heard the howler monkeys, I thought a dinosaur was coming my way! :-) Fantastic shots.

  6. hahaha had to do a second look. at first i thought it's a fruit lol.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  7. I could stare at monkeys like this for hours, Maria, so I totally understand how you could fill up a memory card!

  8. Maria,
    I enjoyed all year long seeing your great blog!
    Thanks for sharing amazing places and awesome photos with us.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a Wonderful New Year full of peace, health and happiness!

  9. these, pandas and lemurs. i really want to see in the future.

    it's fun seeing how in some moving ways they resemble humans.

  10. A fascinating series. Thanks for taking us along.

  11. I wonder if you heard howler monkeys - they're usually the ones making 'howling' noises early in the morning (like my experience in the Peruvian Amazon).

    Happy New Year Maria!

  12. natawa naman ako dun - 'he's letting it all hang out' walang kamalay malay si monkey na nabosohan na sya ha ha

    weren't they aggressive seeing people?

    happy new year to you and to your family!

  13. it's almost like seeing them in the wild...there's only one species of monkeys here in PH, the macaques usually called tsonggo, unggoy or matsing hehe happy new year

  14. nice shots..what a place.. great opportunity to take pics of these creatures! How you have a fruitful 2012 .. keep the pics coming :)

  15. one of them looks familiar. i think i dated someone who looks like this for a few months. KIDDING!

    i like the monkey who let it all hang out. brave one. :)

  16. Amazing shots! It must have been a great experience watching those monkeys frolic without a care in the world.


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