Monteverde Here I come


The last part of the ride to Monteverde was under heavy downpour. We passed by many coffee plantations, but we weren't able to stop and take photos because it was extremely wet. I've never seen this heavy rain in awhile and I enjoyed it.

But before the sky opened up, I was able to shoot a sample of the landscape that's verdant.

In the early 1950s in search of a peaceful lifestyle, Quakers from the USA settled in the area of Santa Elena and Monteverde. They bought farms and raised dairy farms. Our hotel FONDA VELA is located on these former farms and is still owned by the same family. My room is at the very end on the bottom floor.


The room is very spacious. We had the junior suite.



And outside our window, we watched nature at its finest. I'll show you later.


And the downpour continued.


The rain delayed our exploration of town. Rather than venture out right away, we thought it was best to see where the pool and hot tub and bar are located, just in case we needed a little soak later on. Also we wanted to get our free cocktail.

I was getting antsy that I wasn't able to go out and see the gardens. I would have if I had an umbrella. However, I made the most of it by photographing the garden from under the safety of the roofed pool area.




There may have been more sculpture somewhere. These are all I could see from where I was standing.


It looked from this point that there would be more waiting for the rain to stop, so we ran back to the room rested while we wait for the rain to abate.


  1. It is such a bummer when rains suddenly dampen one's vacation, literally. :D But you still managed to get some great shots!

  2. Yes even with the rains your camera is still working very well. Those 2 photos look like Batanes, but that last one is so eerie as if it is an exemption from the scenes.

  3. Wonderful photos as usual. My favourite is the rain shot, it's fantastic!

    In answer to your question, well, considering there are about 200 countries in the planet, I can say I've visited just a few, 40 I think, in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Still so much to explore! :-)

  4. Realmente todo está muy verde, un gran lugar para descansar. Saludos

  5. Fantastic photos, all of them!

  6. Despite the sudden downpour, you still managed to take many wonderful photos.

    The last shot looks captivating and mysterious.


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