Butterfly Kisses

Rain stayed with us through the morning and without sight of it abating, we went to see if we could also complete the other two activities that were part of our adventure package - the hummingbird garden and the butterfly habitat.

We tackled the hummingbird garden first. However, we found out its a roofless garden (go figure, kidding)and we have no shade against the pounding rain. While the hummingbirds were aplenty despite the downpour, I wasn't completely confident that I could take the chance of ruining my camera by shooting under the rain. I kept a close watch at the birds but allowing my companions to take a shot at them.

We didn't take too long there, it was a futile stop anyway.

Returning to the visitor center to see if we could get an earlier time for the butterfly habitat and also to keep dry for a bit. They have schedules for tours, but the way the day was turning it seemed that there weren't anyone else waiting to take the butterfly habitat tour, except the four of us. And so we got started with the tour.

There were four of us, and they gave us two guides. Very generous don't you think?
The butterfly habitat was in this enclosure that had temperature control. We were warned that the conditions inside were going to be extremely warm and humid. We experienced none of that, largely because of the rain I presume which cooled the temperature inside. It turned out to be a really pleasant condition.

The guides expertly explained everything one wants to know about butterflies, which included but not limited to its life cycle. Of course, very little got retained beneath my soggy hair.
The chrysalis.




Caught in the act.



The proper way to hold a butterfly without injuring or harming its wings.

A plateful of butterflies.

2011_09_04 1134

Here is a little video:


  1. Wow they have the best butterfly in the enclosure! That blue morpho is i think found only in South America. I am so envious, If i were there i am the 5th in your group.

  2. Great photos, very detailed indeed.

  3. butterflies are so colorful. i love how you were able to photograph their detailed wings.

  4. What wonderful creatures they are!

    I think we have a similar butterfly park here. I have yet to visit it.

  5. lovely! ang ganda ng shots mo. what lens do you use?

  6. Butterflies are great natural art works. Beautiful images, well detailed!

  7. What a great post! Love all shots but the plateful of butterflies is just amazing!

  8. Fantastic series and such a great variety in butterflies! Love that plateful of butts and the ones in which they are confident enough to land on your hands. Too bad the humming birds didn't work out, more luck next time ;)

  9. my beautiful colorful cousins! :)

  10. A fine series of these beautiful creatures. I like the video too.

  11. FABULOUS, Maria. You're reminding me that I want to take Astrid to see Callaway Gardens in Atlanta one day. The butterfly pavilion is worth the entire place.

  12. have never seen a live pupa yet. though ive been to a butterfly farm, i was never that curious to find one.


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