Through My Hotel Room Window

I truly am satisfied at the hotels that the travel company put us in throughout our stay in Costa Rica. In Monteverde, Fonda Vela is especially wonderful. The atmosphere lends itself to total relaxation..... that is after a day of hiking and ziplining.

While I would have loved to roam around the grounds of this 35-acre farm, the weather wasn't cooperative. If it's not raining, it's very misty. No chance to see the "spectacular views" of the Gulf of Nicoya from the hotel's 1,400 meter (4,200 foot) elevation.

However, the hotel rooms' design of having floor-to-ceiling windows was the perfect spot for nature watching. Fonda Vela is home to some 60 species of migratory birds and over 200 species of nonmigratory birds. While this is very impressive to know, what made us gasp in amazement was watching owls hunt at night. Just in front of our room is the garden with a lights. Moths were crowding around the light and the owl swoops in over and over again. That was a OMG moment, that was not captured by camera. Well that's not true, we tried to capture the act of hunting, but it was far too dark outside, we were inside thru a glass window, and our shutter wasn't as fast as the owl. Believe me, I've had a time of my life nature watching here in Costa Rica.

Throughout our stay in Fonda Vela, whenever we are in the room, we look out at the garden.

I watched these birds frolicking outside.

Anyone in the know and can identify this handsome bird?

The same bird flew into the guava tree that was on the left side of the garden.

And flew out with a guava. Can you believe it, I captured it, though not really a pretty capture.

Also in Fonda Vela I got acquainted with another native, the agouti. It's a rodent. Read more about it here. Every morning we see them running about in the garden, going about their business.

It's a cutie.

It too eats guava. He's a fussy eater. He spits out the seeds.

All these images are captured from our room, through the glass windows.

On our last day, as we were walking back to our room from breakfast - the restaurant is a few yards away - we passed by an agouti. Perfect timing to videotape.

Let me remind you again how the hotel looks like.


And here's the only plate of breakfast food that I was able to photograph. It's my last breakfast at Fonda Vela.


Soon after breakfast we were picked up by Interbus. My heart was heavy leaving this mountain paradise, verdant and full of life. Sad that not only was I leaving Monteverde, but this would be my penultimate day here in this wonderful country.

The drive was long and bumpy and very slow. There was even a road closure in town where the detour delayed us more.

However, despite the travel conditions, the views were spectacular.


  1. I can relate with you there, and the photos as usual are lovely. But my laughter goes to the road with lots of soupy bowls! I am sure you will understand when i say it is familiar!

  2. beautiful view. the agouti looks like a squirrel without a interesting.

  3. the rolling hills look like the ones I saw in Busuanga. the hotel is beautiful---amazing wildlife you captured from our window. it looks like guava is everybody's favorite.:p

  4. Fonda Vela must have been an awesome place. I can imagine how much you hated to leave that beautiful area. Love the windows in your hotel room. WOW--how great for photographs.

    Great bird pictures -and I loved seeing that little agouti. I have never seen one before.

    Wow what a great breakfast... AND your views when leaving were great. Thanks for sharing.
    PS---Please take off your Word Verification. Thanks!

  5. Wow great hotel with a greater view. I agree if your hotel is clean with fantastic views then it adds to the pleasant experience of one's vacation.

    I'm scared of rodents so I'm not sure how I would react if I saw them right outside my window. Freaky creatures!

  6. A very interesting series. I liked the video of the little fellow chewing away. The way he kept you in view at such an oblique angle caught my attention.

  7. aw! just as i was beginning to enjoy this series.

    haha! haven't seen a real squirrel before and that one's a cutie alright! ^0^

    and yes, the beauty of nature is just gorgeous.

    happy weekend dear!

  8. I remember the agouti very well. Actually I spotted many in Central America but... I haven't got one single shot and yours are just great! :-)

  9. Beautiful views indeed, and also a delicious breakfast with the eggs :-)

  10. For how much you have loved this country, Maria, it won't surprise me at all if you tell us one day that you're going back!

  11. ang ganda. i want to be there. it's really beautiful. the last picture made my heart skip a beat.

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