I Heart Pretty Facades.

I cannot remember the last time I have nothing in the works for a post. I seemed to be always lagging behind posting travel photos. Well, lookie here. I have nothing, nada, zilch, no travel photos left. I must not be travelling anymore. I'm finally caught up.

My next travel is in a few months which will last a month long, so rest assured that this blog will have lotsa photos to show given my pathological shooter tendencies.

In the meantime, I ransacked my archives and leafed through the albums. I always take more photos than necessary anyway, and there are shots I've always wanted to share. Like these:

2012_02_05 042





Eleven months ago I took these pictures while driving home (I'm the passenger) from a day in the city. Aren't these gorgeous? The facades look very inviting. I'd look to take a quick peek at the interiors, wouldn't you?


  1. whoa! they're beautiful. like you, i want to see how things look inside. grand grand houses.

  2. the Victorian houses in Sfo are really stunning. the rent must be expensive!:p

    same here, no new travel photos...concentrating on work (again!).:( been planning on photo-walks but it's too hot outside. baka ma-heat stroke pa ako. digging into my archives, too.:p

  3. Nice, colorful crisp photos! One of my favorite SF websites is http://sf.curbed.com/. They feature homes that are on the market and often have lots of interior photos. Love drooling over them.

  4. They really are gorgeous!


  5. Good thing you ran out of trip photos, Maria, because these pretty facades are gorgeous!

  6. wow, the facades are stunningly beautiful. thanks for sharing the beauty.

  7. waah! can't wait for your travel galore soon! where will you be heading I wonder. ^0^
    and no,
    i don't get bored with your fotos,
    old or new, as long as it's something i haven't seen yet,
    it always interests me. ^-^
    s.f's arch. details and those bay windows are one of my faves.

  8. Those are some really gorgeous houses and details!

  9. wow! lovely shots as always :-)I really that architecture.

  10. These painted ladies make wonderful subjects. So your archives are rich with more candidates for posting! :-)

  11. well, just do a few series in the meantime, a collection you might not have realized you have it until you... these are great photos btw. have a nice week!

  12. A very enjoyable series of facades, beautiful images indeed.
    I also take more photos than necessary, Maria, even more photos of the same scene!

  13. Wow lovely facades! So elegant.

    I hate it when I lag behind in posting about my trips. But I know that you know it takes forever to sort through tons of pictures, upload them on FB & Flickr then find the time to sit down to compose an appropriate narrative about the travels. LOL

    But we love doing it, don't we? I meant, the traveling and the posting! :D

  14. Gorgeous architecture! The top building is a winner. WOW!


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