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Victorian house is any house that was built during the reign of Queen Victoria in England from June 20, 1837 to January 22, 1901. These houses come in many different styles, including but not limited to Queen Anne, Italianate, Gothic Revival, etc. Although these houses have different styles, they share the same detailed architectural feature.

I was wowed by the incredible labor-intensive and spectacularly gorgeous details.



A dormer is a window that sticks out of the roof and has a roof of its own.
A turret is a skinny tower usually at the corner of the building.


Well made. Nothing seems to be left undone.

2012_05_24 359

2012_05_24 262
Do you see the blonde Rapunzel's hair hanging out of the attic? She must be drying her hair again. Kidding aside, I am perplexed at the hair like object hanging out of what I presume to be attic.

2012_05_24 260

2012_05_24 259

2012_05_24 264

2012_05_24 266
Isn't too pretty?




I'm a sucker for fish scale shingles.

Then the locals got suspicious. One look at him and I read the writings on the wall. My time in this neighborhood is up.

So off to the old town we went. After all I seem to have snapped enough photos, don't you think.

The Old Town is like any other old towns you'll find in this great country. It's a place to shop and dine. Eureka's Old Town is by the waterfront, but still very overcast. It was drizzling a bit when we pulled up for street parking.

We were killing time, before dinner. Heck before Happy Hour. We walked around, poked our heads in some stores, photographed everything, went inside the bookstore and grabbed a pint. Here:

2012_05_24 278
A stop at the Irish pub after all one has to whet his whistle first.

2012_05_24 318
The pub is housed on the ground floor while the upper floors are used as Inn.

2012_05_24 301
More restored Victorian houses.

2012_05_24 310

2012_05_24 314

2012_05_24 311

2012_05_24 296

2012_05_24 293


Day 2 ended with a dinner at a buffet. I know why buffet, right? Well there were four of us with different tastes and the buffet is a happy medium. be continued....


  1. What a fun visit. I can't believe all those intricate details on the houses. They don't make houses like those any more! Wow..what craftsmanship! You photographed them beautifully. You should submit your link to the local newspaper. Enjoy the rest of July.

  2. Very neat color and design!

  3. lots of details. how intricate.
    yes, after all those walking and shooting, a buffet is in order.

  4. These beauties are so impressive. They look so elegant and proper. I can't imagine painting all the detail.

  5. Oh man!! I wanna go so bad now! I had no idea that Eureka was that beautiful. Those houses are absolutely amazing, I've never seen anything quite like that and as you know, there are a lot of amazing homes in SF lots of which you've photographed and posted about so brilliantly! If you find out what that Rapunzel hair is, please let me know because I am very curious!!!

  6. can't help but admire just how pretty and colorful those houses were.
    it's like anything goes. ^0^
    hope you had a sumptuous buffet meal.

  7. I agree with you "spectacularly gorgeous details"! Awesome in one word! How lovely it is in those areas where someone from outside can look around and even take photos. You know it here, every exclusive village is covered with very tall fences, and we just imagine what is inside. But of course we don't have those old and beautiful houses here!

  8. Can you imagine having the job of painting those Victorian houses, Maria?! Actually, that would be fun. And to choose the colors. WOW! I never get tired of this architecture!

  9. Wow! Great photos! Love Victorian houses!

  10. I thought you guys went to Europe - never heard of Trinidad in CA so this is truly a great find!!!
    Splendid architecture.

  11. majestic grand houses...probably too big for me though

    i love the one with columns sort of like neo-classical architecture


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