Dream Homes

We left Trinidad when the rain started to come down and drove back to Eureka. We had no set itinerary as I mentioned before and we did everything on the fly. This was another spontaneous part of the road trip.

As we researched this destination prior to the trip, we discovered that Eureka is full of lovely old Victorian homes that were once owned by wealthy people in the lumber industry. As you can imagine in the old days prior to conservation, this region with vast land areas of redwood trees would be the perfect place for lumber industry.

Furthermore, you can download a self tour of these houses. Kudos to hubby for arranging that. I knew that there were plenty of houses to see, but did not have the foresight to look up any DIY tours. Thankfully I have my husband to correct that mistake on my part.

And so when we reached Eureka, it was still too early for dinner or for that matter even happy hour. We pulled over to decide what we wanted to do next and to change drivers. Our friend R was driving from Trinidad back to Eureka. Hubs took over the driver's seat and asked me pull out his folder and inside was a print out of the route for the old Victorian homes. I think it was termed Heritage tour or something. In addition, we were just a block away from it, so we drove slowly, this is a residential area and there hardly was any other cars on the road. It is also a week day so people must have all been at work. Good for us.

2012_05_24 roadtrip humboldt 282
Historic Eureka Inn.
2012_05_24 269
Now an inn.
2012_05_24 256
Methinks this one is about to get a slap of fresh coat, see it?
2012_05_24 255
Purple pleasure.
2012_05_24 252
Noted the ongoing cosmetic changes.
2012_05_24 251
Two main doors, a duplex?
2012_05_24 250
A little charmer, for sale?
2012_05_24 248
More typically seen in the Bay Area also.
2012_05_24 249
Charming lilac lady.
2012_05_24 247
Another beauty.
2012_05_24 244
A grand ole lady she is.
2012_05_24 243
Badly needs work done.
2012_05_24 232
Almost a wash out with the gloomy rainy skies.
2012_05_24 253
Just gorgeous.

.....to be continued....


  1. A like the style of this period!

  2. They are all very beautiful houses, and the colors are perfect. Your photos are so vivid and crisp as if you are using a tripod, although i think you didn't.

  3. I can stay there forever. I will be contented to have that.

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  4. I like the lilac one but I notice they don't have fences. Hopefully it is in a safe neighborhood where burglary isn't rampant. Unlike you know where! :D

  5. Incredible conservation job! Beautiful structures, indeed. Your penchant for spontaneity is admirable!

  6. A fantastic series of "painted ladies" with the superb paint jobs. This is who to have a large home and make it look elegant and charming in every way.

  7. Wow! What a gorgeous houses! Love so much Victorian architcture.
    Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  8. beautiful pictures. beautiful houses. they should pay you. :)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and so well preserved!

  10. I love this style of architecture. And those houses have souls.

  11. i hope the streets are safe!
    very nice architectural detail.

  12. Totally awesome. I bet they're all prime pieces of property in spite of the recession?!


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