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India has always been in my travel radar for years, except that I couldn't find the time to go all the way there and visit. This time around though with the Bangladesh travel already finalized, we thought that a side trip to India would be possible.

However, India wasn't really the only choice we had. We were considering China and Thailand in addition to India. In the end it just boiled down to which country would we be saving more if we choose to visit it. And India won by a few measly dollars.

I googled India package tours and found a few choices, mostly travel companies based in India. Then I found Exotic India Journey. They offered the Golden Triangle Tour (New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur). Since the price wasn't indicated on their website, I emailed them to inquire for a price quote. I immediately received response and the guy/agent who responded to my email was very reassuring (we exchanged copious emails in a 2 month period) and flat out told me that the tour was private. Just me and my husband. Although, I never really believed him, until I got to India and experienced the "private" tour they promised.

Needless to say my experience with Exotic India Journey was a positive one and I have no qualms about referring them to friends. In fact I already did. I think my friend will go next year and she's considering this travel company.

I'm still sorting the many many photos that I took during the trip.


  1. this must be a sign! i might be going to india before the year ends for a business trip. i'm excited!

  2. oh i can't wait to see your photos :)

  3. wow! the journey of a lifetime! ^0^
    can't wait to see more dear.
    i'm so envying you right now. ^0^
    wish i could make a visit to this incredible country soon!
    tnx for sharing your agency, i will def. check this one out! ^0^

    btw, mla. blog is here.

    have a gr8 weekend!

  4. i can only wish a return to india. want to visit agra too :P

  5. India has never been on my list...maybe it will be after I see all your photos!

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