A Fine Fall Saturday

Last Saturday we found ourselves driving to the city for a 2 pm appointment. The appointment was supposed to last 90 minutes, but Fate smiled upon us and we got out of the appointment in 15 minutes. The company we went to paid for our parking until 11 pm that night so we decided to spend the rest of the day in the waterfront area, mingling with tourists.

2012_10_13 003
Driving to the appointment, I couldn't help but photograph the ads announcing the Giants postseason appearance.

2012_10_13 007
Spotted the Farmers Market by the Ferry Building, made a note to stop by after appointment.

2012_10_13 014
We thought we'd stop here for a little burger, but ended up having clam chowder instead. I know hot soup on a hot day, go figure.

2012_10_13 015
Construction going on in preparation for America's Cup next year.

2012_10_13 018
I never get tired of this SIGN.

After the appointment, we enjoyed the blue skies, glorious sun, and mild temperature by photowalking. Some locals avoid touristy spots like a plague, but not us. Of course we're technically not locals since we don't live in the city. We are suburbanites so we have no qualms about spending free time in the city. I personally find going to Pier 39, Embarcadero and other tourist spots rewarding, because nothing makes me feel better than seeing people's smile as they enjoy the city I call my own. I do not even mind the crowded sidewalks.

2012_10_13 028
Flags were flying in the blue skies.

2012_10_13 023
Snack cart.

2012_10_13 019
Tourist ride.

2012_10_13 022
Soaking up the sun.

2012_10_13 009
Haven for people watching.

2012_10_13 054
Has a European feel.

2012_10_13 041
From across the bay at Treasure Island, the camera captured a fair/festival.

2012_10_13 031
Romance was in the air.

2012_10_13 030

2012_10_13 061
More art.

2012_10_13 033
Walking route.

2012_10_13 057
The clock tower.

2012_10_13 013
Coit Tower.

2012_10_13 067
Blimp is in town.


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  1. You kept the best shot to the bottom of the post! :-)

  2. Wow, great shots. I like the photo with the flags best!

  3. Wow what a tour you gave us! It looks like it was an incredible day.

  4. Ah, the beautiful city... I wish to visit again soon. I do agree with JM, saving the best for last eh? and I would also love to browse through the farmers' market.

  5. Signs, signs... they're everywhere!

  6. Looks like it was a beautiful day to walk around town. Thanks for all the photos! I really enjoyed the tour!

  7. Wow. I am glad you were not bored :)

  8. I very much enjoyed the photos from your walking tour. I haven't been to SF since the early 1980s but it's nice to see familiar sights!

  9. What a beautiful walk in The City. I don't know which sign would draw me quicker, the clam chowder or Ghirardelli Square.

  10. Oh wow, your skies are very clear, very good background for anything, making your photos more awesome!

  11. Looks like the perfect day to be out and about. I enjoyed all the shots very much.

  12. coming back again to see if I've missed something... I've not seen the clock and the coit tower yet, so I'm putting it into my photographic memory.

  13. I'm with JM, the best to the last, and what a terrific capture it is!! And those blue, blue skies are fantastic!! Have a great weekend! Happy SWF!!

  14. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  15. What a great day out! Terrific shots.

  16. Wonderful scenes under a blue blue sky!

  17. Love the head sculptures.

    My Skywatch
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Amazing -- it was like a surprise mini-vacation for you! I don't blame you for loving it, it looks like such a fun and beautiful big City. ( It seems like a shame if locals are so jaded that they can't enjoy the fun of their City.) Loved the whole tour, and the blimp against the blue sky is especially beautiful.

  19. Beautiful shots! Happy sky watching.


  20. A fabulous series of the kind of places I like to visit (as a tourist, of course). Nice sharp and colorful images.

  21. Gorgeous photos - there's nothing like a sunny day in San Francisco!

  22. Amazing photos. Particularly like your skywatch photo at bottom.

  23. I covered the same area but you presented it so much better than I could ever do. What else is new in my life?

    You are good. Keep reminding your hubby he made the right choice when he said "I do" because I don't think he could do any better LOL.

    Btw, I enjoyed your India series immensely.

  24. these scenes made me miss SFO, it's been 3 years since my last visit in san fo... :)

  25. What a glorious day to take your camera on a stroll through SF! Your shots show that it's impossible not to have a food time in the city. I was there yesterday and was able to photograph the famous Painted Ladies! It was foggy in the morning but then the blue skies came out.

  26. In other words, this is your backyard. I know how fun that can be, Maria. You show me yours and I'll show you mine. I love it. :)

  27. hee! one of my favorite walks. I'm like you, i love the tourist areas, there's a reason they're touristy...they have such amazing views, especially on a great sunny blue sky day like this one. and you really can't beat the people watching. Though I have to admit when 2 or more cruise ships are in town, walking along the embarcardero is challenging.


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