Amber Fort - A Pictorial Tour #2

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The elephant ride to the fort was included in the tour, but I believe it would cost R900 per elephant or R450/pp. However, the entrance to the fort is not included. In this tour package, all the spots/destinations are free with the exception of the World Heritage Site. I'm not sure this is one, yet, but we had to pay to enter.

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Up the stairs we go.

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Immediately you are in main palace grounds. This impressive decorated ornately facade is the Ganesh Pol or the Ganesh Gate, the entry to the private palaces of the royals.

It's the perfect background for tourist picture taking...look.

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Latticed windows allow the royal women to watch functions from the square.

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Upon closer inspection.

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Other structure in this level.

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An architecture buff can stay here for a whole day and still want to return the next day. I could and would.

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I wonder where these doors lead to.

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Another unidentified structure.

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As we entered Ganesh Pol to explore the other areas, we saw this ceiling painting. It was eye-catching so I took a picture of it and was surprised others were also shooting at it. be continued........


  1. I always wonder where unmarked doors lead too...curious and curiouser.

    last year you expressed interest in the Parol Lantern Festival...this year it's on Dec 10th. Here's more info:

    If you go and you see me, say hi! BTW, I didn't ever make it to the sand sculpture contest at Ocean Beach last month. Did you?

  2. It's a magnificent piece of architecture! The details and ornaments are awesome.

  3. Elephant ride to the fort? :-) Awesome shots of this beautiful building.

  4. oh! i presumed they're chinese tourists?
    haha! that could be us, doing those weird shots.
    not bad for the elephant ride, the
    fort is way too interesting.

  5. I'd be totally "short of eyes," Maria!

  6. nice display of great architecture of the past..


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