Amber Fort - A Pictorial Tour #4

Across from the Mirror Palace is the Sukh Mahal or the Hall of Pleasure :)

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Wall decorations.

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In between the Mirror Palace and Hall of Pleasure is a garden/courtyard.

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Mirror Palace as seen from the Hall of Pleasure.

Other spots that captured attention:

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The Baradhari Pavillion at Man Singh Palace.

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This is one place that really captured my fancy. Not only was I wowed by the architecture, as I was with the other sites we've visited prior to this, but this is the only time I was able to feel the romance of the structure. I was able to imagine myself living in 1700 India. I was enchanted by everything. I look left and right and I can feel a novel coming, but of course I cannot write. But if I could it would be a bestseller, given the overwhelming inspiration that this fortress has given me. In short I fell in love with this fortress.

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  1. The ornaments and geometric patterns are marvellous! I enjoy the photos and stories in this series.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What's not to fall in love with? The place is bursting with romance. Love the details. So intricate and feminine.

  3. I'm totally in love with all this incredible architecture, Maria. And now I really want to know what happens in that Hall of Pleasure! :)

  4. Excellently shot! Great architecture, glad to see they are well preserved.

  5. I loved this place and your photos make it justice.

  6. nothing but spectacular views, fantastic captures!


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