Jantar Mantar

Following a tour of the architectural marvel that is Amber Fort, we followed the highway back to the Pink City and visited a UNESCO Heritage Monument, the Jantar Mantar of Jaipur.

The Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory showcasing a collection of architectural astronomical instruments, built by Maharaja Jai Singh II at his then new capital of Jaipur between 1727 and 1734. Even though the instruments were built/designed centuries ago, they are still being used today. The visit made me aware of the ingenuity of the people in the old days.

pentax jaipur 666
A more permanent sign is needed, perhaps?

pentax jaipur 667
No more combo deals.

Let's go on with the pictorial tour of Jantar Mantar:

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The place is really fascinating. The life-sized instruments seem foreign to me, but for an astronomy buff, this would be a big deal. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and guide was very helpful with information despite not being very interested with astronomy.

I read yesterday that they found cracks in the instruments which were caused by improper use of renovation materials. Or the process of renovating them in the past were done haphazardly. Now the gov't is fearing that with the cracks the instruments might not be taking accurate reads. Likewise, the fear that the observatory may lose it's heritage site status is in the horizon.

Read more about Jantar Mantar here and here.



I have recovered the contents of my external drive courtesy of a free soft ware that the hubs found online. We already bought another TB hard drive before we had recovered the photos. So I'm very happy right now.

My zoom lens is still not working. The hubs is ferociously searching for ways to fix it online. He likes to fix things versus getting someone to fix it for him. So, one problem solved here. I will not have to stop my India/Bangladesh postings.


  1. Such an amazing place! The design is extraordinary! Each shape is both artistic and useful it seems! I too would be taking non stop photos of it all! And I agree, the sign needs an upgrade! The part that amused me was the tourist distinction for payment of entry!

  2. oh, good to know you were able to recover the photos--congratulations!:p

    this place is spectacular. a 17th century astronomical observatory, wow! i like the curves and angles.


  3. This is such an interesting place. Nice series, thanks for sharing.

  4. What an interesting place and what unusual shapes things are, Great post.

  5. Very interesting post! I did get a kick out of the entrance fee sign: "foreigner" tourist. It would have sounded better just saying "foreign tourist".

  6. What a fascinating place - and well the 'foreigner tourist' price!

  7. I wish I can visit this 17th century astronomical observatory!
    I'm glad you were able to recover the data from your external hard drive. Merry Christmas!

  8. I am completely sure they had much useful knowledge about Nature and Universe and now we must learn from them. Hugs!!


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  9. nice pictures.

    nicer to have a husband who views malfunctioning stuff as a challenge.

    merry christmas sa inyo, photo cache!

  10. Fantastic shots and a great place.
    On my India travel I haven't been to this place, so now I walk around with you. I like the way you captured the Indian atmosphere.

  11. Glad to hear about your photo recovery efforts :)

    I remembered this as part of my day tour in Jaipur - indeed, fascinating stuff for astronomy buffs!

  12. First of all, YAY to your hubs for being a fix-it man. Good for YOU, obviously!

    And as you may know, I have spent a lot of time with astrology since 1990 but have NEVER EVER seen instruments like that! WOW. I can just imagine how awesome that must have been to see. Let's hope "they" can figure out how to keep them accurate going forward.

  13. interesting. i wonder if I can return to India to explore other places. Wanted to visit Agra 9as usual) but also document typical Indian life. Happy Holidays!

  14. I always enjoy your posts, Maria!
    Great pictures of an interesting place.

  15. What an amazing place! So beautiful photos of this series. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip.

    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christimas and a Wonderful New Year!

  16. interesting. great pics as usual..

    merry xmas and happy new year to you :)

  17. It's an amazing place indeed!

    Imagine what kind of minds engineered these instruments.

  18. Wonderful photos! Isn't this place just amazing?! All the best for 2013!

  19. those are lovely geometric structures!


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