People Watching at Amber Fort

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  1. I love the women's dresses in India. They look so comfy.

  2. I love the vibrant colors of the saris worn by the women!

  3. I also love to do that! And we are in a group i always take the photos of those getting photos, it is really fun. When i see how the saris are worn by Indian women, with the layers and the bright colors, coupled with the hot temperatures and dust around, I am so thankful i was not born there! It really looks very uncomfortable, but i agree, lovely for photos.

  4. I absolutely love visiting your blog. You see so many beautiful places and sights!

  5. A fine series showing the women's dresses and that brooms for sweeping the area. The shots of the cameras people are very interesting too. Nice post.

  6. Look at the colours of those saris! Wonderful portraits.

  7. it's nice being able to observe how people act, react, and interact. Great pics.

  8. You're the best at people watching, Maria. Seriously!

  9. The local women are so much more colorful than the drab tourists! Ha! By the way, I'm reading a good book: Beneath a Marble Sky by J. Shors. It's about the Taj Mahal. You might enjoy it now that you've been to India!

  10. Watcher people, people learning, people opening minds. Nice!! Hugs.


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  11. It's always a pleasure taking photos of the locals in India - very effortless as they love being part of the picture.


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