Too Blessed To Be Stressed

I'm back from my vacation! As expected, I had a lot of fun, ate too much, except didn't take enough shots because this time around I thought I'd experience more instead of shoot more.

I'm very blessed to have enough - enough money to pay my bills and just enough for vacations. So when I'm faced with small bumps in the road, I try to not sweat the small stuff, so to speak.

What are the bumps in your road Maria, you ask?

First, my lens started to fail on the last day of vacation. I thought it was the humidity, which may have been the reason, that caused it to fail. I'm really vexed that this happened, but I'm keeping my act together :). Worse comes to worst, I'd probably dig way deep into an already shallow pocket to get it fixed. I love my camera and this lens.

may 24-25 2011 007

Second, my external hard drive couldn't be accessed. I don't know the technical term for this situation, but basically my PC doesn't recognize the hard drive anymore. And this is the hard drive that contains majority of my vacation photos - including all 4,000+ of my 3-week Europe trip in 2009, the Costa Rica trip in 2011 and the India/Bangladesh vacation this year, just to name a few. I'm near freaking out. I had stopped backing them up by writing them on DVDs because this external drive has 1 terabyte of space afterall. I suppose I have to revert back to writing CDs/DVDs just to be safe.

We have googled and Youtubed ways to recover data, there are softwares designed to recover data, however, I want to find out if any one has experienced this and how one has retrieved data.

Right now, like the lens problem, I am putting this on the backburner, because I have gifts to wrap, menu to prepare, church activities to participate in, and Holiday parties to attend to. Besides, I am hoping to disassociate my emotions first before I can tackle the retrieval on a clear head. Plus, I could use more research on the subject.

Unfortunately, though I must pause my India series until the time I can get back all my photos. This is causing me so much regret that I didn't process all the photos right away (but of course time constraints was the culprit). Thankfully, I have my vacation photos in the laptop which would enable me to continue blogging while I sort out all these woes.

A few random shots that I found in my PC.







And thirdly, my little furbaby is having some medical problems, which we're hopeful would be resolved without so much dent to our very depleted "vacation fund".

2012_03_18 020

Again, I'm too blessed to be stressed.


  1. Oh I am sad also for what happened to you, it didn't happen to me yet except for 2 CDs I transfered my photos in Sweden and Rome earlier. I have maybe 6 of them and 2 can't be read, and i was so angry! So i can relate with you well. A pro photographer told me once that memory cards should not be so big, keep at least many 4GB than 32GB, and i guess that goes for extra drive too. My PC has 1T and the IT staff here said it is more prone to stress because it is heavy, so they changed it with lower versions. My extra harddrives are only 320each. It makes sense because if one goes totally wrecked or lost somewhere, not many photos are there! haha!

  2. Oh my goodness. Will be praying for you. My mantra these days is "Gratitude. Always gratitude."

    Adore the shot of the couple walking in the empty plaza, by the way.

  3. did you try accessing it using a different computer or laptop? sometimes the culprit is the laptop/PC and not really in the external hard drive, it happens to me sometimes.

    will ask my friend how to use the software re retrieving files.

  4. @ PEACHY - yes tried to access it with the laptop, also failed to access the contents :(

  5. Sometimes my laptop doesn't recognize the hard drive either, but I keep trying and it works afterall. Nice set of shots. Hope your furbaby will be OK soon.

  6. It's good that you remember all the blessings you've had when troubles come. I'm sure the problems you have with your camera and hard drive will be solved in time. Holiday seasons are just around the corner and it's time to celebrate and be thankful for the many blessings you've had. Happy Holidays!

  7. this is what happened to my 4gb USB--my laptop couldn't read it anymore. i tried to have it fixed but 90% of the photos was not recovered. i hope you can still get it fixed, and your lens, too. oh, hugs to Buster--i hope he feels better soon.

  8. I hope you can resolve your external hard drive problem. I like Andrea's advice for the future: using smaller drives or memory devices rather than risk everything stored on one drive.

    Really like your photos, especially the kitty.

  9. i hear ya bout trying not to sweat the 'small stuff' but they are definitely annoying, costly and frustrating big ol' blips of life. Your fur baby is beautiful!!!! (s)he is so pretty, i hope (s)he feels better soon. wouldn't mind seeing more of her(?) in your random shots. Ya know they say the internet is 97% kitties. LOL. Helps put a smile on those annoying blips.

  10. How I wish I could be of help but I'm not too geeky where it comes to my own files. Somehow, you sound so calm despite what has happened and I'm impressed :) Hope you get this sorted out soon!

  11. Bless you! As I so often say, attitude is everything...and you seem to have it. Everything will hopefully follow!


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