Free Meals at Sikh Temple

Do you know that you can get free meals (lunch and dinner) at a Sikh temple near you? That's right. You can.

I have quite a few Indian friends. Some of them belong to the Sikh religion, but the ones who don't belong to the religion were the ones who told us about the free meals. And so every chance we get, we go to get free meals. They have donation box, so you can drop some cash into it, if you're feeling a bit guilty eating free meals when you can afford to buy one for yourself.

Feeding people is a ministry to them. Every day one family takes charge of feeding any visitor that comes. Honestly, each time we go, my hubs and I are the only non-Indians who eat there.

The last time I ate at a Sikh temple was when we went to Capitola for a day. Our friends told us about this Sikh temple in San Jose, supposedly the largest in the United States. They suggested we stop for lunch here since it was on the way to Capitola anyway.

2012_09_03 capitola 022
The Gurdwara Sahib's facade.

2012_09_03 capitola 024
Fountains are lit at night we were told.

2012_09_03 capitola 026
Inside, looking at the main door to the worship area.

2012_09_03 capitola 025
On a Monday, it was almost empty.

2012_09_03 capitola 035
At the dining room.

2012_09_03 capitola 040

2012_09_03 capitola 032
Blue skies on that day.

2012_09_03 capitola 042

If you live close by, stop for a visit. They welcome and feed every one. The address is: 3636 Murillo Ave San Jose , CA 95148.

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  1. I've been in so many temples in India but I think none of them was a Sikh Temple. Great information and lovely shots as usual.

  2. Wonderful shots of the beautiful temple. What a great tradition to feed visitors who stop by.

  3. A great post for sky!
    Well done!

  4. Such a beautiful temple and gorgeous blue, blue skies! Terrific captures and information as always!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Great photos! What a beautiful temple!

  6. Wow!Very beautiful photos of a temple!Have a nice weekend!

  7. I like the fountain photo a lot!

  8. The Temple is beautiful and I love the pretty blue sky! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing your visit. Happy Skywatching!

  9. Beautiful temple, beautiful blue, blue sky~

  10. Wonderful shots. This is one of the good contribution by the community to he society.

  11. This is a beautiful temple, and your photos are wonderful. I didn't know about the meals at Sikh temples.

  12. Lovely pics! That way most of the Indian temples serve food which people consider as blessings of God, and one way it is free meal too :)

  13. Such a beautiful building - and how generous and compassionate to feed those in need.

  14. I am craving to visit a langar now. :)

  15. Very interesting to look at that beautiful temple, the dining room, the deep blue sky. A nice post, Maria!

  16. i love the colors here...calming, a perfect place for worship. the free meal is wonderful bonus.:p

    re your question--flight to Cebu from Manila is 50 min. to 1 hour. more than enough time for a power nap.:p

  17. What an interesting thing to learn! The temples are beautiful -- and so is the sky!

  18. I was here many years ago and parts of it was still under renovation. And, yes, we were offered a meal. :)

  19. It's like practicing what you preach - and very good to emulate. How was the food?

  20. That's a beautiful temple and I love the fountain!

    Catching up with Sky Watch Friday,.

    Sky Shots
    Thanks for visiting!

  21. WOW. I never heard of such a thing at a Sikh temple, Maria. I bet you really get an education besides free food!


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