My Bay Area: From East Bay to Napa and back again.

One Sunday in December we found a little free time - in between church time and company Holiday party and so we filled it with a little drive to Napa, where else. We did so because we missed our leaf peeping drive this year on account of our Caribbean trip. However, knowing how late the Fall season starts in this part of the globe, we were hopeful we'd be able to get some leaf peeping done still. What we did not put into account during the planning was the weather. It was rainy and wet that day and the days leading up to it. We went just the same.

2012_12_14 159

2012_12_14 182

We were disappointed initially because it seemed that the rain had all got rid of the leaves. And so we continued to drive until we reached Yountville and took the exit.

We stopped when we spotted this building that housed boutiques.

2012_12_14 217

2012_12_14 197

2012_12_14 200

After browsing, I was in a hurry to get across the street to finally get to see and taste what's in store at BOUCHON BAKERY, which is Thomas Keller's store.

2012_12_14 190

2012_12_14 210

2012_12_14 211

2012_12_14 213

2012_12_14 214

2012_12_14 212

2012_12_14 216
Since I was going to a company party (more eating) we just bought a tart and croissant filled with fruit instead and a cup of coffee to go.

On the drive back, we took a different route and stopped to photograph what we found interesting.

2012_12_14 238

2012_12_14 228

And then we found some left over fall leaves.

2012_12_14 253

2012_12_14 248

2012_12_14 247

Our final destination for the day was the yacht club for our company party. Just couldn't help but take a shot before going in and fraternize with co-workers.

2012_12_14 287




  1. Oh my goodness, wrong time to visit! Those pastries look heavenly and I can't have sugar for a week!!!

    Love the vine-covered building, and the outdoor-look shops!

  2. WOWSER, Maria. You did it all up nicely...en route to your company party! :)

  3. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the bakery shots have started my stomach growling.

  4. I love your capture for the day!! Such a lovely place! The bakery shots have started me thinking about a trip to one near here!! The last thing I need to be looking for on a cold, rainy day!! Hope you have a lovely weeky!

  5. I love that scenery and those yummy chocolates.

  6. Those deserts look good!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Ha! The sweets look yummy. I'm glad you did finally find some colourful leaves.

  8. That was an interesting journey to your party. Those pastries looked so mouth watering.

  9. Wow ~ you even fed us delicious treats! Great shots and love the tour ~

    (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Hi Maria, i wonder why your photos are always so inviting, and i always think why I can't get as beautiful as yours. And your tours are always very informative for me, thanks so much. I also browsed on all the past posts i missed.

  11. Don't you love fall? I'll take whatever is left of it... it's still beautiful. Those Thomas Keller sweets look delightful -- wish I could take a bite. :)

  12. Looks like you took lemons and made lemonade!!!
    Nice shots of a nice weekend getaway!!!

  13. Napa is beautiful! i love the ivy-covered walls and the red leaves...a photographer's paradise! and these pastries are mouth-watering! and all i have here is a pack of Fita biscuits!*lol*

  14. What wonderful lush scenery! Food looks pretty good too.

  15. I really enjoyed this post. I am hungry and the pastries makes me hungrier since I am craving for something sweet.

    As always, your photos are stunning.
    By the way, thank you so much for the holiday greetings. While reading my blog comments, I realized that I forgot to greet you here (just made a reply on the post where you wrote your greetings). Belated Happy New year to you dear!!

  16. I have not been to Napa in years so it is nice to get a tour. You have made a good point to stop at this bakery with all your enticing pictures.

  17. Nice fall leaves in December hehehe, love those sweets too

  18. those pastries made my mouth water!

    i love that path with those fall leaves.. perfect!

  19. Look at all those geese on that green field! The pastries couldn't look yummier and the colours of the vine leaves are wonderful.

  20. With each pastry, I was getting hungrier and hungrier (and I am on my lunch break!)

  21. Lovely pictures and those French pastries were to die for! They were on the expensive side, but sure looked worth the money! I just loved your winery shots!

  22. Lovely!!
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting!!!

  23. Oh, you're naughty as the English say, to tempt us with a bakery like Bouchon! My choice is the pecan tart.
    BTW, thanks for stopping by to explain about where the lighthouse is!

  24. made me hungry even if i don't have a sweet tooth...

    what variety of grapes do they grow?

  25. So love the romantic atmosphere in that wine cellar! Beautiful series of photos!

  26. I enjoyed all your pictures! Thank you for taking me to those places, virtually, that is.

    Inside Cambodia


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