Bangladesh: Day Trip to Tecnaf

Our second full day in Cox's Bazar was spent on a day trip to Tecnaf, about 3 hours drive away. Tecnaf is the southernmost point of mainland Bangladesh. St. Martin's Island is the souternmost point. It is located near the Myanmar border.

The drive was long along narrow road. At one point there was an accident that halted traffic. While waiting for the traffic to get going, I took out my camera, rolled down the window and took some photographs.

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As we continued with our drive the landscape had changed a bit. Now we see mountain ranges. Myanmar seems so close. In fact there were checkpoints along the road.

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And the skies looked angry. We got a good dousing.

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We stopped at a random town, parked by the marketplace, crossed the street, passed a mosque and the town hall towards a little plaza. Taking shelter in the plaza we explored the plaques around the plaza and then went back to the market to see what they're selling. We could probably get something to eat. Samosas were sold and bought and decided to go back to the van and continue our travel. It was raining heavily.

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Excitement washed all over me as we passed sampans (boats). I knew we were near wherever we were supposed to be going.

Finally we arrived at Tecnaf. What I saw was a quaint fishing village in an organic, non-touristic scene. There was another group of 3 I believe which are like us the only tourists here. Coincidentally, they also are from California, and also from the Bay Area - about 8-10 miles from where we live. Small, small world.

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I watched with amazement the colorful sampans, the activities that happen by the beach, fishermen coming in from a day of fishing and locals waiting to buy the fresh fish. The beach is littered with ocean products. All this while there's a mild drizzle and wind gusts that range from mild to holy cow!

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During our time there, we saw a sampan come in from the sea and was helped to get to the beach (parking). It took a lot of hands to accomplish this task so my dear hubby and his cousin lent their stong arms to join the locals while I took pictures.

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Hubby in white shirt and cousin in black.


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We went back to our hotel in Cox's Bazar with me wishing I was staying in Tecnaf at least for a whole day. The fishes were so fresh, we all wanted to buy some but there was no point since we were staying in a hotel. Needless to say, I pretty much enjoyed my rainy experience in Tecnaf with the local fishermen.



  1. nice colorful pics of daily life. love the boats too

    happy easter!

  2. Your pictures are so clear. Do you take it in raw? Love the photo of the girl with the goats. She seems pissed off!

  3. Fantastic shots! The kids, the rice fields, the boats, everything is wonderful.

  4. You are seeing how the "real people" live, not just the typical touristy places. That's great, so lucky for you! Beautiful portraits of the people and the water and boats are wonderful.

  5. Awesome people shots! The children are cute! And the boats are so colorful. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  6. A stunningly beautiful world. Thank you.

  7. Terrific views. Good you got rains, it must be cooler now. It is hot here in West Bengal.

  8. An interesting place. Your photos are terrific, thanks for sharing.

  9. Love your photos! As if I was traveling with you!

  10. The skies do look angry. I'm glad you enjoyed your time there!

  11. I love the 2 pics with colorful boats. You really have eyes for beauty.

  12. Your pictures are so fascinating. I love the colourful sampans.

  13. Fantastic post! I love those colorful boats!

  14. Hello, Dearest Photo Cache,
    How great your photos are☆☆☆ I DID enjoy 'the Trip to Tecnaf'!
    Wonderful to see people and splendid, colorful boats.
    Thank you very much for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  15. a great way to spend the day. very eye-catching boats.

  16. A fine documentation of this trip with excellent pictures. I was surprised the most by the beautiful paint on those boats.

  17. the photos of the kids at the rice field could be taken here.:p i love the sampans--beautiful shape and colors. the waves are scary!

  18. Wonderful shots. You have done such a great job showing us Bangladesh.

  19. The sampan design is one of a kind.

  20. I LOVE your people shots, Maria. You do such a good job with your photography...and I mean that sincerely!

  21. Seeing how your husband lend a helping hand is truly a great way to immerse in the local scene!

  22. the sampans remind me of our local provinces here.
    such colors and candid photos.
    they have so much character.


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