Silverado Trail

One sunny and bright weekend day we found ourselves aching for a scenic drive. A few hours of not doing chores, not gardening, not vacuuming or doing the laundry felt like a semblance of a vacation, which we didn't have any yet and one whole quarter of the year has passed by. Napa was our choice; this time Silverado Trail was our route. Most people take Highway 29 when they visit Napa and with good reason. That's where most big name wineries sit next to each other, plus the shopping can easily be accessed from there.

However, travel guides and sites always suggest the tourist to take the equally scenic Silverado Trail, which one website called the other Napa. Shame on us for not venturing out this way before, but better late than never.

And so with our usual road trip buddies with us, Sunita and her husband Rocky, we drove out to Napa and sightsee. It's a blessing to live in the Bay Area, where there's so many things to see and do that you can live here for ever and not be able to see all and do all.

Join me as we drive the Silverado trail.

2013_03_17 110
The wildflowers were the main reason to go visit, but as usual we were a tad late.

Having realized that we would never be able to view the wildflowers we decided to just stop and visit wineries. No tasting for us this time. One doesn't have to have wine to enjoy the valley.

2013_03_17 023
Are we in Vegas? Greece? Rome? Where are we?

The first winery we visited was Darioush with these columns, so out of place in Napa Valley in my opinion. It does make for a perfect photo site.

2013_03_17 115
This beautiful girl was having a photo shoot. She really is beautiful in person.

2013_03_17 025
There is also this sculpture infront of the columns, which to me look like a vessel for Olympic torch.

2013_03_17 139
Then the garden of Stag's Leap Cellers beckoned us from the road so we stopped.

2013_03_17 038
Follow the sign.

2013_03_17 045
Beautiful gardens, but the clientele were a bit more "fashionable" than we expected, so I didn't even go inside the tasting room. Instead I lingered to take photos of the flowers.

2013_03_17 042

2013_03_17 046
And the whimsical sculpture.

Then we reached the end of Silverado Trail and continued on to Highway 29.

2013_03_17 055
Where we spotted more signs of spring.

As we continued to traverse this busy highway, I tick one of my wish list. I've always wanted to stop by Beringer Winery because I'd like to see the mansion up close. So we stopped, but I did not get to see the interiors of the mansion because well I found out I need to buy a ticket to the tour to see it. Not feeling "touristy" that afternoon, we said no to the tour, but instead browse at the gift shop and the surrounding gardens.

2013_03_17 095
I can live here. Just like in fairytale, isn't it?

2013_03_17 093

2013_03_17 065
The gift shop area.

2013_03_17 157
Sunita and me

Before going home we stopped by Dean and Deluca for a little snack. One of my fave things to do in Napa is to browse at the wonderful gourmet offerings of this purveyor of good food from all over the world. I'm like a kid in the candy store.

2013_03_17 098
On the way home I took this drive by shot of a little cottage on the road. I love it's landscaped front yard, so clean and neat.




  1. I just cant decide which i like better. The clean white cottage or the way to the stag leap cellers or the fairy tale paradise! What a lovely place! Awesome shots.

  2. Sometimes a short road-trip like this is better than a whole vacation! And you live in a great area for that kind of getaway. Thanks for sharing the tour. It's been a long time since we've been through Napa area.

  3. You're right about the Bay Area being such a great place to visit! I still can't get over Darioush Winery! That one is amazing and so very different in architecture from what you'd expect to find. I haven't been to some of the other ones you've photographed here. I'll have to check them out the next time I'm up in the Wine Country. Springtime really is the prettiest time to visit what with the blossoms and fresh green growth. Can't wait to see where your camera takes you next!

  4. To be honest, Maria, I've never even heard of the Silverado Trail, let alone seen it...and that's after living in California for 12 years. I know I have missed a LOT, but thanks to you, I'm starting to catch up. :)

  5. What a great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. What a lovely tour of Napa. The gardens look beautiful and I love the mansion. Lovely images, have a happy week!

  7. A lovely tour indeed! Such beautiful gardens and the mansion is awesome! I haven't been to Napa in a very long time, thanks for the memories! Have a great week!

  8. What a great drive and photos - those wineries are incredible. Maybe we'll have to do that when we're in SF in a few weeks.

  9. I've never been to any wineries here in Washington and even Napa, looks pretty. Well, I don't drink wine that's why hehehe. And the second photo is so nice looks like you're in Vegas hehehe. The other photo, is that a castle??? Nice views

  10. Wonderful place, definitely worth a visit. The garden and the surroundings are beautiful.

  11. The columns (and torch!) of Darioush look tremendously out of place. All the other wineries look perfectly lovely, though.

  12. What a great photography opportunity!

  13. Oh! You make me miss SF Baayarea! Great photographs. I always made sure I didn't drive when visiting Napa :)

  14. these are a feast to the senses! your photos are amazing, as usual. i miss Napa! i hope i'd have a chance to visit the area again. can't get enough of these photos!

  15. Those photos are beautiful. Great traveling with you.

  16. Wonderful shots. I enjoyed the sites you showed us very much.

  17. What a wonderful tour you gave us. No wonder everyone likes that area!

  18. I love that darling little cottage at the end!

    You really had quite the scenic tour of the area. Everything is so beautiful! I can feel the warmth of the sun from your photos. :-D


  19. Enchanting scenes! Love both homey cottages and the flowers are magnificent!

  20. Thanks for taking us with you along the Silverado Trail. You definitely got some great photos.

  21. What a great place. Your photos are beautiful!

  22. maria, i'm almost speechless!
    such gorgeous place other than wineries!


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