New Orleans: 3 Churches in 1/2 Day

We accomplished a lot on that first full day in New Orleans; in fact we saw a lot in the first half of the day - the cemetery, the Garden District, driving around the city, and visiting three churches.


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We stumbled upon it while driving around the vicinity of Garden District. I'm not sure if it's still a part of the Garden District, if not, it's just outside it's borders. We stopped because we wanted to say a prayer for safe travels and because it was Sunday the next day and we knew that we would not be able to go to service. Also, the pink/peach paint was too inviting. As with many Catholic churches, there is also a school inside the compound. We were welcomed by a lovely woman who was overseeing something inside the church. Seeing we were lugging cameras, she invited us to take as many photos as we like, until a certain time, because there was a wedding happening soon.

11_24_12 finepix 109

11_24_2012 068

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11_24_2012 208


We saw St. Mary's church first.

11_24_2012 079

But the sign was confusing, because it says St. Alphonsus. It was only afterwards that I learned that they are connected to each other.

Anyway, we entered the gate and walked around the compound, trying to find the entrance to the church, which we didn't find. There were other structures inside the compound, none of which led to the church. While there were many cars parked in the lot, there wasn't anyone around to ask how to get inside the church. Quite frustrating. So we just looked around and took photos.

11_24_2012 241

11_24_2012 235
Plantation Bell from Holy Redeemer Seminary.

11_24_2012 227
St. Francis Xavier?

11_24_12 finepix 135
Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

11_24_2012 237
Tiled Mother of Perpetual Help.

11_24_12 finepix 136

11_24_12 finepix 137
Giving up on seeing the inside of the church we followed the path to the exit on the next street. Rounding the block to go back to our car, I just noticed that the church is facing another equally impressive church.

11_24_12 finepix 140
The street is very narrow, impossible to get a full shot.

11_24_12 finepix 128
See what a tight squeeze it is between those two adjacent churches?

11_24_2012 230
Before I go to the next church, let me show you this impressive bell tower that badly needs fixing. Here is the page for donating to the restoration.

A lovely well-dressed lady greeted us as we entered St. Alphonsus Church. A real Southern lady she was, charming, sweet, accommodating and very friendly. She told us that the church across the street was locked because they have wedding there in 10 minutes. She added that I can take all the photos I want of this church, since they were only decorating the altar for the upcoming Christmas season.

11_24_12 finepix 141
Can you read the sign?

In the old days, there was a separate church for Irish Catholics, German Catholics and French Catholics. Talk about segregation!!!! The church across, St. Mary's was for Germans. This one is for the Irish.

The church is still recovering from Katrina (2005), there were tell tale signs of the damage, this many years later.

The stained glass windows all around depict the different mysteries of the Rosary, from left side to the right side.

The ceiling is incredible. The church has a peaceful feel to it; nothing like a museum feel to it.

11_24_2012 263

11_24_12 finepix 143

11_24_12 finepix 144

11_24_12 finepix 145

11_24_12 finepix 154

11_24_2012 25511_24_2012 24411_24_2012 245

11_24_2012 25711_24_2012 24711_24_2012 253

11_24_2012 250

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  1. Great collection of stained glass windows! Also like the bell tower shot of the second church - great composition.

  2. You had some wonderful blue skies for looking at these fantastic Churches. Great shots and I enjoyed them so much.

  3. Beautiful skies indeed and they do make for the perfect backdrop!! The churches in New Orleans are amazingly beautiful indeed!

  4. Fantastic photos for SWF!Well done!

  5. Beautiful church, I love the stained glass windows. Lovely photos!

  6. It is a beautiful church. The interiors look GRAND!

  7. Magnificent shots of the church and the stained glass windows.

  8. They don't build churches like that anymore do they! It's amazing! (I thought tourists only visited churches in Europe! LOL!)

  9. Lovely lovely pictures! You always have the idea for the wonderful. I also love taking pics of churches!

  10. You got a wonderful set of church picture - all excellent in quality. To bad you didn't fine an entrance despite all that looking.

  11. I've always been fascinated with church architecture, so I completely enjoyed this post. The stained glass windows are magnificent and you captured the bright colors so perfectly.

  12. I suppose the 'segregation' was inevitable at the time for the French, German and Irish if masses and other religious rites were exclusively conducted in their own languages.

  13. Beautiful and fascinating!


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