New Orleans: French Quarter at night

The French Quarter is nothing like I've seen before. It's a must-visit, must experience when in New Orleans. How can I describe it? It's been described as the city's oldest neighborhood, the cultural hub, and one of the best places to ogle beautiful cast iron balconies. It's the place to be.

11_24_12 finepix 225
We were lucky to find parking a few blocks away.

11_24_2012 357
I have seen open container drinks in full display.

11_24_12 finepix 230
At night, the party was in full swing. This was even early in the night.

11_24_12 finepix 228
Bourbon Street is a pedestrian street at night and was full of people. All drinking. All partying. I wanted to take more photos, but there was no room to do that. I must have been busy trying to find a shot, when I felt someone grabbing my arm. I freaked out a bit, and shrugged my arm violently. That part gave us a little excitement.

11_24_12 finepix 232
Then I saw the Royal Sonesta Hotel, which was the hotel we'd be staying after the cruise. I was so happy to see it's central location and how fancy it looked.

Neon signs always give out a party vibe.

11_24_2012 361

11_24_2012 367
Daquiris and the signature Hurricane are very popular.

11_24_12 finepix 237
"Thousands of beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones." My fave sign.

We took a few turns, trying to see more of the French Quarter and at the same time put more distance between us and the party at Bourbon Street. It was then that we stumbled upon a wedding parade, which is a tradition in New Orleans. I read that the parade goes from the church to the reception. There is a band accompanying the wedding party. I was shooting at one of the parades when I noticed some guy hanging a mardi gras bead around my neck. I didn't get it at first. Then my friends educated me about the tradition. Typically on mardi gras, girls get mardi gras beads by flashing (showing their breasts), I used flash when I photographed the wedding parade. I flashed, therefore I got free beads!!!!

11_24_2012 382

11_24_2012 385

We continued our exploration of the French Quarter, entering stores, browsing at merchandise and just fooling around.

11_24_12 finepix 257

11_24_12 finepix 247

In the end we found the perfect hats for our Caribbean cruise.

For dinner, I managed to persuade them to try this brewery/restaurant I've read about, the Crescent City Brewhouse. We were a bit disappointed because it was full, what did I expect? Twenty-minute wait they said. Fine we said. In the meantime we'd grab seats in the bar and get some drinks.

11_24_12 finepix 260
The bar.

11_24_12 finepix 264
The music was heavenly.

11_24_12 finepix 263
Each couple ordered a beer tasting flight.

11_24_12 finepix 269
Then I ordered the baked brie. While eating, we perused the menu, but nothing in the menu caught our attention. We finished our bar bites and cancelled our name in the wait list. This time I didn't say anything when my friends picked Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. I have never been there on my own. On my own volition. Nothing about the restaurant, but I avoid chain restaurants. I prefer to eat at mom and pop spots.

11_24_12 finepix 272

11_24_12 finepix 271

Still full from the brie, bread and brew, I split an order of Fish and Chips with the hubby, while one of our friends had the chicken sandwich. The food is okay, nothing special, but the drinks was strong. I had Long Island Ice Tea and I was happy the rest of the night.




  1. the french quarter looks so vibrant!

  2. Great series of the night charm of N.O.

  3. Looks like a fun night. I enjoyed your shots.

  4. It's a great city, although it's years since I've been there. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. What a fun time, the wedding party parade must have been to see. I love your photos of the nightlife in New Orleans.

  6. this place surely have lots of character. can have a beer please :)

  7. What a place so full of activity! Great night captures.

  8. What a lovely time! New Orleans is such a special place. I've been to that lovely city twice and I yearn to return. Thanks for taking me vicariously with you.

  9. This is one place I should top postponing. Especially since my brother lives there (for now). Next year, hopefully.

    I agree with you on avoiding chain restaurants. I likewise prefer local stand alones -- they usually have more character. :)

    Nice trip.

  10. I´m sure you had a fun night. I like your shots!

  11. What a fun night!

  12. Wow that was some fun evening!! Beautifully narrated!!

  13. I went to nursing school at Charity in New Orleans nearly fifty years ago...and lived there for a total of about six years. I return every couple of years and, of course, we have a class reunion about every five years. It is sad to see the destruction from Katrina and how little has been done to repair the damage.

    New Orleans, with its fabulous food, wonderful jazz, and spirit has always been special to me. I still have so many wonderful friends and classmates there.

    My "Our World Tuesday" is at:

  14. Awesome night shots... those masks are so pretty...

  15. What a fun place. Loved the photos of the wedding party.

  16. Wow! Flashy and vibrant! And ha ha mardi gras beads :)

  17. wow, i'm green with envy! gorgeous and vibrant photos. feels like i was there with you. i love your blue hat and fave sign.:p

  18. Your photos give tantalizing preview of what it must feel ... Will be my on my must-see list next time I go to the US.
    Last week my blog was on auto pilot mode. I was on holiday. Thanks for all the nice comments.

  19. Thanks for taking us along on your Bourbon Street walk. I'm glad someone didn't try to grab your camera.
    The wedding parade was a special break.

  20. Great shots. I like those night shots.

  21. What a fun looking place. I have to go back. I was there a long time ago at 7 AM on a hot June morning. Not a good time for a tour of Bourbon Street - if you know what I mean! The food dishes look sinfully delicious. Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment! Enjoy the heat!

  22. fun post. I have been going to New Orleans for over 30 years. it has always been a unique place. since i'm a huge top chef fan and a new orleans fan - i'm looking forward to the new season. all the sights and the foods!

  23. wow - this looks like a vibrant place to be. I love the wedding parade and the masks shop. Thanks for taking us along to the night life.
    Have a great week, and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  24. Very colorful, very lively. Great photo's!

  25. I've never been there so it was a good tour that you gave!

  26. New Orleans was a favorite of my husband's and me! loved the tour taking me down Memory Lane.

  27. NOLA is really a unique place. Nothin like it, and every traveler should experience it at least once. Enjoyed your visit! thanks for sharing and for the memories.

  28. You have captured the essence of New Orleans!

  29. Such a vibrant mix of night light and colour! Each photo is a party interesting activity! The green sign of beautiful and ugly girls is hilarious!

  30. This was a fun adventure with you through the French Quarter. I laughed out loud about the sign with the 1000 beauties and 3 uglies. HAHA! Clever advertising for that club.

    I prefer mom and pop's too, I think it happens when you live in the Bay Area. Growing up in Southern California, we were more likely to go to chains. Maybe it was the time, too. The 70s and 80s vs. now.

  31. Thanks for the fantastic tour again! I could ogle at beautiful wrought iron balconies the whole day. Love the wedding parade idea too. I have to find myself one of those Hurricanes.

  32. Happy anniversary! :) May you have many more happy years writing & clicking away. I'm so enjoying all the pictures, it's as if I were there as well. Thank you for sharing your adventures. <3


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