New Orleans: Mardi Gras World

The husband and I were in New Orleans because it was our port of embarkation for our Western Caribbean cruise. So the first thing we did the first whole day we were in the city was to check out where the cruises dock; it would make life easier on embarkation day.

So it was a pleasant treat to also see on the same vicinity what is called Mardi Gras World. We didn't know what it was, as I had not heard of it prior. But I was curious. A jester in the front of the building (warehouse really) would elicity curiosity from anyone, doesn't it? Later on the same day after we had met up with our cruise partners for lunch we talked them into walking the calories off by visiting the Mardi Gras World, which was about 20 minutes by foot from where we had lunch which was at the Riverwalk.

The Mardi Gras World is a place where you can see a behind-the-scene look at the magic of Mardi Gras. Now we were just floating around, all four of us, really killing time between a late lunch and hopefully a very early happy hour in the French Quarter. Upon entry to the warehouse you'll see whimsical characters larger than life. We posed with the characters but I'll show mercy on you dear readers and not show these juvenile shots.

11_24_2012 343
Cruise lines on the opposite side.

11_24_2012 116

11_24_2012 117
More faces

11_24_2012 310

11_24_2012 313

11_24_2012 315

11_24_2012 327
There was a lot of jesters. This is one of my faves. Others were not benign looking.

11_24_2012 335
This one creeps me out.

There were other characters too:

11_24_2012 326
Like Rosie the riveter.

11_24_2012 324
Not sure of these two, but the one on the left looks like a Narnian to me.

11_24_2012 320
Another creepy character.

11_24_2012 331

11_24_2012 330
And pirate

11_24_2012 128
We saw an artist working on next year's float.

11_24_2012 314
As we went deeper into the warehouse, we reach this point. It was here that we found out there was a ticket and this wasn't the tour. We thought we had it so good, getting inside the warehouse and enjoying these creations for FREE.

Anywy, by this time we have had enough of Mardi Gras theme so we thought that we'd just swing by the gift shop and see if we could score some souvenirs before going to fetch our cars hundreds of blocks away from where we were at that point :)

11_24_2012 137
Inside the gift shop aside from the usual things you'd expect to see, they have statues of princes and princesses. I took a picture of this one, because I'm enamored with her dress.

11_24_2012 138
Here's another one.

The back of the gift shop opens up to a little sitting area (bar style) that overlooks the Mississippi River. My first time to see this great river.

11_24_12 finepix 220
As the sun descends, we took our cue and left the warehouse. A free shuttle to the downtown area is free with ticket price, we didn't want to cheat and say we went on the tour when we really didn't. While it was a long walk, it was a fun easy pleasing walk. One of the things I was impressed with NOLA is that it's friendly to walkers. You can easily walk around, it's flat. If you are able, you can tour the riverfront and the French Quarter by foot easily. Not like San Francisco where there seems to be a hill to climb at every corner. Plus the streets we walked were clear, clean and we felt safe.




  1. Its' kind of like a Disney version of Mardis Gras or that's what it seems like to me. Interesting look at the warehouse through your photography.

  2. Amazing craftsmanship in those.

  3. So cool, different and colorful! Great photo series!

  4. Great inside tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Cool post, I like the Jesters too. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

  6. This is all very intresting. Love these pics!

  7. This is all very intresting. Love these pics!

  8. The one that creeps you out looks like Alfred E. Nueman from Mad Magazine!

    Bust seriously, these are a great set of images.

  9. Ah, nothing like New Orleans and Mardi Gras!! What fun colorful captures for the day!! Thanks for sharing the fun! Have a great week!

  10. Looks like you had a great time, enjoy...:)

  11. Colorful! Great place to spend time and click.

  12. Lovely colorful world of magic! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great collection, very colorful.

  14. Do they put those gigantic heads on stilts and parade it like we do with our "higante"?

    OT. Do "old timers" still speak French?

  15. beautiful details on the enlarged heads. there is factory here who does this kind of items, in fiberglass cast.

  16. No shortage of photo opportunities or colour there.

    Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  17. nice pictures very lovely , check the unn website,

  18. Beautiful statues to represent Mardi Gras - they seem to just come to life. So friendly & fun! Blessings to you & have a great week!

    Allie @ Framed by God

  19. YAAAY. This time I actually know what you're talking about, Maria. HA! I was there several years ago and have many memories of the inside of that warehouse. I love the picture you took!

  20. NOw you just have to come back to NOLA in February and see those creations on the floats. It is an amazing thing. Mobile Alabama also has a great Mardi Gras celebration and parades. Agree New Orleans is very walk-friendly!

  21. A magic world, Maria, very enjoyable set of pictures!

  22. Oh, how fun!!! And free, too! :p

    But, yeah, some of those faces are kind of creepy. And the princess with a lobster on her head made me laugh out loud.

  23. This is fabulous! Great set of shots.

  24. A fine series of excellent shots in this special place. What a neat way to get ready for your cruise.

  25. Always something unique and colorful in NOLA. Very nice series (as always!)


  26. What an interesting post! I've never been to New Orleans, especially during Mardi Gras.

    Some of those Jesters WERE creepy!

  27. I had no idea this existed - now I want to go!

  28. wow, that's really cool! i've always wanted to attend mardi gras in nola!

  29. An amazing series of bright characters! Incredible variety!

  30. Fascinating characters and pictures! I did never understand what Mardi Gras was. I suppose it's time I sought help from Google to find out what it really is.

  31. Wow! Just great and colourful post!
    The Mardi Gras World looks amazing!


  32. Haven't been to New Orleans but that's a great way to start off your cruise. I could see the solid work done on those Mardi Gras parade masks!


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