Roatan on Day 5 ( Part 2)

The guide was asking if we wanted to see some monkeys and tropical birds. We all said, why not? It didn't seem like there's a lot of things going on in Roatan for non-divers who are here on a limited time frame.

I don't even know if there is a name for the place. We arrived there on what appeared to be a private residence with a large lot. Inside we saw lush gardens, with beautiful flowering plants. The hibiscus was blooming when we came. It's like visiting a friend's house who has cages scattered throughout the grounds. The cages are spacious, plenty of room for the animals to move. And they were clean. There were parrots and macaws, monkeys, aardvark, other animal that I can't remember the name and some deer. We paid a nominal fee, for the upkeep I'm sure. There was a man who came to show us around and be our guide. If I remember correctly, they get the hurt animals from the wilds and take care of them and probably rehabilitate them.


11_29_2012 px roatan 247

11_29_2012 px roatan 243

11_29_2012 px roatan 143

11_29_2012 px roatan 246


11_29_2012 fx roatan 056
These 3 are infants and are being "spoonfed".

11_29_2012 px roatan 229
Very pretty.

11_29_2012 px roatan 231
The guests have options to go inside the cage with the animals.

11_29_2012 px roatan 186


11_29_2012 px roatan 158
He doesn't look happy.

11_29_2012 px roatan 163
Of course he wants some treats.

11_29_2012 px roatan 176
Please don't go.

They have a few cages for different types of monkeys. The way I noticed is that each large cage only housed 2-3 monkeys, plenty of room for them to move around.

11_29_2012 fx roatan 053

11_29_2012 lx roatan 054
Unknown animal.

11_29_2012 lx roatan 061
The house inside the compound.

When the visit was over, someone asked if we could stop by for a little shopping. We were dropped off at a little shopping complex where the second floor level was for handicrafts and souvenirs. There was also a grocery store where we spent our time checking local produce. When that was over,the driver who was just speaking on the phone with someone (in Spanish) spoke to the guide (in Spanish) and the guide announced that this was the end of the tour. The four other in our group was okay with that announcement. We weren't. We specifically agreed with the tour operator that we wanted the tour to include the West end of the island or the Half Moon Bay section.

11_29_2012 px roatan 129

11_29_2012 px roatan 108
Neon hammocks.

11_29_2012 px roatan 114
From the shopping complex's second level, we can see where our ship was docked.

As soon as the van returned to the dock, we sought the operator who remembered our agreement and stood by it. He found another van who took us to the West End. He stopped at Half Moon Bay resort and gave us time to look around. It was the beach part, but none of us were in the beach mood. November probably was not the peak season for tourism anywhere which was why we found the place empty. Like a ghost town. The beachside restaurant was empty; we wanted to stay here for a bit, there was plenty of time

11_29_2012 lx roatan 067
The west end.

11_29_2012 px roatan 275

11_29_2012 px roatan 282
Across from the resort are these beautiful houses.

We thought that hanging out in an empty outdoor restaurant and not eating was impolite so we asked to see the menu, even though none was hungry. Nothing in the menu called to our taste buds, so I asked for a margarita instead. I don't know how it happened, but the guy manning the restaurant/bar talked me into getting a pina colada instead.

It turned out to be the best drink I've ever had. It was the creamiest, tastiest, most delightful libation my tongue has ever tasted. I was oohing and aahing with every sip that my companions paid attention to me. I let them get a sip and they agreed, so they too ordered drinks.

11_29_2012 lx roatan 070
This is the pina colada guy. He later told us that he probably put way too much booze to our drink. The drink was excellent because he used fresh pineapple and fresh coconut milk.

Happy with our drink we bid him goodbye. The friends asked the driver if there was a little village in this side of the island as he was looking for cigars. Thankfully there is one cigar shop.

11_29_2012 px roatan 296

11_29_2012 px roatan 312
We returned to the dock but did not go back to the ship. We walked around the streets next to the dock, shopped and tasted some local tamales.




  1. What fabulous shots!

  2. Wonderful sequence of shots. What a fantastic vacation. Thanks for taking us along through your photography.

  3. Wonderful photos. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Fresh coconut and pineapple sounds super!

  4. I'm popping back to answer your question. Both of the lakes are natural but both have dams and some control over the creeks feeding in and out of them.

  5. Enjoyed reading the commentary alongside the photos.

  6. Wow, what a great place to visit. I love the birds and the ocean scenes. The hammocks are nice, I have been wanting to buy one myself. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  7. Thanks for sharing your fabulous vacation, Maria! Wondeful sequence of pictures!

  8. What a great tour - I love the colorful birds and a beach is always welcome to someone so far away from one!

  9. Seeing a Aardvark after a long time, I am surprised visitors can feed the. Great series of captures.

  10. You sure know how to "stand your ground," Maria, which I love. HA! What a great tour...and drink.

  11. Wonderful shots of the place. Lot to see.

  12. What a lovely documentary post. I haven't browsed on your older posts and i don't know where Roatan is. Your cruiseship is so beautiful, only for the rich and famous, but I am a bit scared with long sea trips, specially those very big boats! In my pastlife i was thrown out from a ship by the pirates and died there!

    Re Palawan: you should come over soonest, before going to more places there again!

  13. A fine series touching on so much that's interesting.
    What a fabulous trip. Fine shooting.

  14. Lovely photo's. The aardvark is cute!

  15. Good series! I'm not sure where Roatan is in the Caribbean..I need to look it up.

  16. Sounds like a wonderful time and I'm glad to hear the tour operator honored your agreement.

    Your images are beautiful! Gorgeous birds! Great photo of the aardvark. I've never seen one of those before. Don't think I'd care for the monkey grabbing hold of my leg. =(

    The cloudy sky and choppy water made for lovely, moody images.

    The pina colada sounds wonderful with the fresh pineapple and coconut milk! ;-9


  17. You are a very good photographer. I love these exotic places you take us!

    (p.s. the sign in my post is actually a couple of years old - I didn't think about the confusion that the date is so close!)

  18. O what an intriguing series of photos. No idea what that unknown animal may be. And so love those rough waters and grim clouds above them. Dramatic.

  19. You are having an amazing trip, with many interesting photos to share! I enjoy them!

  20. I'm always wary when close to animals just like those in your photos. I'm not sure when an animal might start getting feisty with a camera wielding visitor. Haha!

  21. The west end shots are fabulous!


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