Tulum by the Sea

This is what makes the Tulum ruins unique (although as recent as this summer I have visited another Mayan ruins that I believe also situated seaside, I'll post later) - its seaside location. While its location may have been very important for trade in its heyday, today it's what attracts the many visitors that flock to this ruin.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 093

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 113

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 114

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 121
This image doesn't translate well, but when we saw this scene, all four of us let us a big WOW. It's the quintessential vacation image in our mind, and at that moment we were there in flesh.

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 052

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 154
It was a hot day, but the the sky was really gorgeous.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 156
The beach is accessed through these stairs.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 158

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 089

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 091

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 093

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 099

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 096

Blue skies and bluer water = what a lovely sight. An experience I would always remember.

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  1. beautiful shots! i miss the sea.

  2. Fantastic photos!What a wonderful place where you are-I wish I could be there too.Have a nice weekend.

  3. These are gorgeous shots. I think the ruins by the sea are very beautiful and love all the coastal shots.

  4. What an amazing place, with history and scenic beauty. I'd love to be there.

  5. Wonderful captures of the beach. Nice place to relax.

  6. Gorgeous views and such a pretty place!

  7. A very attractive series of these ruins and the beautiful beach area. The enlargements help convey the beauty you experienced.

  8. Enjoying your shots a lot. Beautiful place and people :)
    Thanks for dropping by!


  9. Perfect example of a beautiful tropical Paradise!

  10. Gorgeous! I've never seen an ocean that color. Someday hopefully.

  11. I totally agree about that quintessential vacation image! What an idyllic place.

  12. I will not argue with what you said, and i smiled at your shots! I also do that when in the beach, secretly. YOu are a good paparazzi!

  13. Gorgeous photos of an amazing place I loved so much.

  14. It looks beautiful but I can't stand too much heat so I'm prolly gonna be hiding under the palm tree. hehe!


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