Tulum: The Ruins By The Sea

We got to visit Tulum, the only Mayan ruins with a seaside location, when the cruise stopped in Cozumel (post coming up) for a day. Many discouraged us to do a DIY from Cozumel, because it is a long way to go from Cozumel and we might not get back in time to the ship by departure time. But we tried and got lucky. To get to Tulum from Cozumel, one must first take a ferry to Playa del Carmen (post coming up). This takes about 45 minutes. From Playa del Carmen, it is another hour or so by car. We were lucky to hire a taxi (driven by a woman)as soon as the ferry docked in Playa del Carmen so there wasn't too much time wasted.

This would be a photographic tour. If you want to know more about Tulum, click here for the wiki entry.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 051
I could even go to Cancun, why not?

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 064
Souvenir stores lining the road to Tulum.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 067
Lining for tickets.

While waiting for the trolley to the ruins, I was people watching.

11_30_2012 px cozumel 124
The pole dancers were doing their dance atop the pole.

11_30_2012 px cozumel 130
Like me, she was taking photos.

11_30_2012 px cozumel 126
Mom and daughter synchronized watching.

11_30_2012 px cozumel 140
Inside the trolley...clothing optional?


11_30_2012 fx cozumel 076
Enter thru these stairs. Thankful for friends who are ever ready to pose for me.

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 104
Or do a jump shot.

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 112
Pyramid Castle

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 015

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 062

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 018

11_30_2012 fx cozumel 110

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 009

11_30_2012 lx cozumel 030

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 022

11_30_2012 pentax cozumel 078

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****************to be continued**********************


  1. Amazing, fascinating ruins! The pole dancers are pretty amazing too.

  2. amazing ruins, what an interesting place to visit

  3. The pole dancing looks a bit scary but the the ruins are fascinating.

  4. Tulum was the place where I ended my journey coming all the way from Mexico City. I spent there some days next to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. A dreamy place!

  5. What a fantastic series of photos! I enjoy each one very much, but "inside the trolley" caption gives me a smile :-)

  6. I'm always attracted to ruins and these are wonderful. Beautiful shots. Looks like a perfect day to explore.

  7. Simply fantastic images, from the first to the last, every single one outstanding!

    Happy Sky Watch,

  8. Amazing ruins indeed and your captures are fantastic!! What a great visit you've shared with us!! Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. What a great adventure!!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Great photos.

  10. Amazing...you are finding so many places we haven't been (I thought we'd been to quite a few places in the Caribbean, but apparently not). The ruins on the seacoast are really something. Must go back. (So many places..... )

  11. Wonderful coverage of the ruins. I like that first shot.

  12. What a fantastic reportage! Looks like a brilliant adventure and you took gorgeous pictures.
    As I travel very little, I enjoy living the life of a tourist vicariously!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. One of the reasons why I'd like to go back to Cancun is to actually see these ruins. Pictures of people frolicking in the beach right below Tulum are so fascinating!

  14. A fine series with some tourist "goodies" to buy and a fine series on the ruins.

  15. Cool photos of the ruins, looks like a really interesting place to visit and they sure take a pole dancing seriously

  16. at frist I thought the pooledancers were dolls. :)

  17. You are such a lucky traveler, Maria! And we're lucky to be able to tag along with you! :)

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