One May Afternoon

I am in the process of catching up with posts from this year.

One afternoon in May we drove to the city to see the visiting collections from the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis from The Hague. The Dutch museum which has not lent any of its collections in years is undergoing a massive renovation and expansion, which enabled the De Young Museum of San Francisco to house a huge collection. The centerpiece of the temporary exhibit was Vermeer's THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING. I cannot believe my luck this year with visiting collections. Earlier in the year I didn't have to go to China to see the TERRACOTTA WARRIORS, they came to San Francisco via Asian Art Museum and now this most precious painting also known as the Dutch Mona Lisa came calling. So I went to pay my respects.

We punched Legion of Honor in the GPS first knowing we had plenty of time to visit both museums. Also I was thinking that the later we arrive at the De Young Museum the thinner the Saturday crowd would be at the visiting collection.

2013_04_28 008
Darn GPS took us to the city college instead of the Legion of Honor Museum.

As we drove around town getting back on track I was drive by shooting, what else is new?

2013_04_28 010

2013_04_28 011

2013_04_28 021

2013_04_28 020

We arrived at the California Legion of Honor and this part of the city seemed to be perpetually foggy. We went inside and looked around. Permanent collection that I still remember, we didn't stay long.

2013_04_28 036

2013_04_28 035

2013_04_28 026

The benefit of buying a ticket to either the De Young Museum or Legion of Honor is the same ticket applies to both museums on the same day. So you pay once, visit two museums.

The De Young Museum is located inside the Golden Gate Park.

2013_04_28 042
We passed by the Queen Wilhelmina Garden with its famous windmill.

2013_04_28 037
Too late for spring flowers.

As we passed by Stow Lake, I cannot help but shake my head at how the weather is so different here from the foggy, misty, drizzly part we just were a few minutes ago. Here, summer was in full swing.

2013_04_28 047

2013_04_28 048

2013_04_28 051

As you might expect, visiting collections allow no photography. Sadly I have no photographic "souvenir" of my encounter with the Dutch Mona Lisa; however, it's one of the most impressive paintings I have ever seen with my own eyes. I stood there in front of the crowd, no one minded since I am a shortie and this is the one time I'm so thankful that I'm vertically challenged. I got to be in the front of the crowd ogling The Girl With The Pearl Earring. It's a very cool experience. It's a spiritual experience.

I believe the Dutch museum is still undergoing constructions and the collection had moved to another temporary location and if that is the city you're in, I suggest you go see it.




  1. What a nice way to spend the day! I was at the Legion of Honor over Veteran's Day. The weather was glorious! We took a little stroll down to Land's End. That's a lovely part of the city. Aren't those houses to die for!

  2. It's beautiful out there, and I'd like to see that Dutch Mona Lisa you mentioned.

  3. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  4. Can tell you like museums - I do too! Can't remember if I saw the original "Girl with the pearl earring" - but you would love the book "I WAS Vermeer" from Frank Wynne. The life of the art forgerer of Vermeer's painting.I did see the original Mona Lisa in the Louvre, but I was disappointed. Really wonder how this became one of the seven world wonders!

  5. Great series of photos of San Fran for OWT ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  6. Wonderful sequence of shots. It's so cold today that it was a special treat seeing the flowers you posted and the museum trip sounds like something I'd enjoy.

  7. Some extraordinary sights. That windmill is cool!

  8. We're on the same boat... still posting travels from April. Aside from being so behind, the recent Yolanda / Haiyan tragedy just couldn't bring me to write, much less post. There were urgent matters to take care of.

    Anyway... I love the park with the windmill and the lake is just breathtaking.

  9. Hi! I like the painting of The girl with the pearl earring. I think she is the most beautiful girl among the all of paintings in the world. Thanks for sharing.

  10. So many beautiful photos - I love San Francisco. It's also a great city just to walk around.

  11. I liked the variety in your series today. Beautiful shots of appealing places. the mill shots are unusual for me and very enjoyable.

  12. Beautiful; shots of the place.

  13. I'm glad you backtracked to tell us about this! You really know how to take advantage of your beautiful cosmopolitan City! How I'd love to see that painting.

  14. Intriguing sights in your wanders. Adore the old windmill and the little stone bridge is enchanting.

  15. Oh you're so lucky to see "The Girl with the Pearl Earring." I love Vermeer's works and that one is my favorite. However, I'm yet to see it in person. I have to check where the painting is traveling now. I hope it comes to my city. Thanks for sharing this.


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