New Orleans: St. Louis Cathedral

So here is the last post on New Orleans. It's about time I wrapped this one up because this trip was from November 23, 2012 to December 3, 2012.

To close the New Orleans documentation I present to you St. Louis Cathedral (Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, King of France). For the skinny on the cathedral click here for the wiki article and here for the official website.

We visited the cathedral twice. The first time was on the day we were to sail the Caribbean. And the second upon our return from the cruise on the eve of our departure from New Orleans.

St. Louis Cathedral is located across from Jackson Square, sandwiched by two historic buildings and steps from its entrance is a pedestrian only promenade where palm-readers and fortune tellers set up shop, while local artists showcase their products for sale.

11_25_12 fx embarcation 017
Jackson statue and cathedral.

11_25_12 fx embarcation 025
Hubby shot this with me in the picture.

11_25_12 ptx embarcation day 017
Museum next to the cathedral.

11_25_12 fx embarcation 007
Nearly empty pedestrian mall on early Sunday a.m.

11_25_12 ptx embarcation day 024
Palm reader.

11_25_12 ptx embarcation day 025
Art on the street.

11_25_12 fx embarcation 006
More art.

11_25_12 fx embarcation 026
John Paul II Plaza marker.
On the first day, there was an on-going mass so we didn't get to photograph the interiors, but we did on the second visit.

cruise2012FPx 146

cruise2012FPx 149

cruise2012FPx 155
Light a candle for peace.

11_25_12 ptx embarcation day 021

11_25_12 ptx embarcation day 023
Bicentennial marker.

St. Louis Cathedral as seen from Jackson Square.

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  1. Enjoying this New Orleans series. A city I would love to visit.

  2. A fine series overall. My favorite is the twilight near silhouette of the cathedral and that horse statue.

  3. What a lovely series of shots. I love that last one.

  4. WOW, Maria. I can see why you went back to see the interior. You know me...I'm tagging right along beside you! Maybe one day I'll have a chance to go back to NOLA, with Astrid, for a photo hunt. I hope so. BTW, you are an excellent photographer!

  5. The Cathedral against the blue sky is stunning and the twilight shots is magical. All of the shots are great but those are my favorites.

  6. New Orleans is one of my favorite places and I lived there for a while, years ago! Always fun to see pictures of it and what beautiful blue skies!! Marvelous captures! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Very beautiful series of photos!Have a nice weekend!

  8. What a beautiful trip that must have been. What a beautiful church. The inside is fabulous

  9. Wonderful photography of one of my favorite cities ~ fun place ~ happy weekend to you ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  10. A beautiful church indeed - nice shots.

  11. That last shot is, for me, spectacular because i haven't taken one like that. The 2nd daylight shot i love too. Have you been to the crypt at the Vatican? I went there with only a point and shoot and I was so disappointed, hehe!

  12. Certainly a beautiful place! Cool Jackson statue!

  13. The cathedral and the surrounding areas of the city look very beautiful. I particularly like the compostition of your shot with the peace candles.

  14. A wonderful and interesting Post ... And lovely Sky for SWF.

    Have a nice Weekend.

    Greetings by Heidrun from Bavaria

  15. Gorgeous buildings! both Interior and exterior areas looking beautiful..
    thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  16. Fantastic photos with the last one being my most favorite. Really special.

  17. Beautiful cathedral. Interiors are amazing.

  18. I always admire the stained-glass window panels in cathedrals!

  19. I love your interior shots. Reminds of the beautiful churches in Europe.


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