Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden 4

Time to explore other parts of the garden. We skipped a few areas including the Heritage Rose Garden because the place is simply too big to hit all the mini gardens unless you have alloted a whole day to the garden.

The Vegetable Garden was one of the places we saw.

Repurposing a bed's headboard for climbing vines, brilliant.

Grown organically.

Artichoke looks ready for picking.

The herb garden has a kitty accessory. I like.

Elsewhere I saw:

A perfect spot.

A charming gate.

Cute little pansies.

Are you waving at me?

The heather garden is both colorful and enchanting.

The cactus and succents didn't get much attention from us because there's simply too much to see at one time.

Every path meanders to something beautiful and interesting.

Spread all over the gardens are sculptures, works of arts, made by local artists I presume. I went closer to read the label and found that the arts are for sale. They are a bit expensive though. Here are few of the pieces of art in the garden.

It was cloudy for much of the time we were there. I thought it was the best time for visiting a garden.

Thank you for joining me in visiting this beautiful botanical garden, and I hope that you would see it when you're in the area.

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  1. Interesting artwork throughout.

  2. Gorgeous garden and gorgeous photos! I would like to be lost in this place for hours :-)

  3. A spectacular series of excellent shots.

  4. Wonderful shots of the magical garden.

  5. much to see!!! Wonderful post.

  6. What a lovely garden ... and so many great pictures!

    Happy Friday!


  7. beautiful gardens… we have not seen that much green in a while here… I am looking forward to spring and summer:-)

  8. love the pansies an some of those sculptures

  9. Beautiful garden. Very nicely done.

  10. Beautiful garden. Very nicely done.

  11. Hi! I enjoyed your photos very much. I like the last photo very much. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  12. Fine harvest and enchanting flower shots!

  13. Beautiful gardenscape! Those pansies are gorgeous.


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