Saturday In The Park (Skywatching)

This past Saturday was to put it mildly simply pleasant. The sky was blue nary a cloud in sight, the sun was shining brightly, and the weather was perfect - nearly 70F. So what's a girl to do? Go out, visit fave walking park and walk. Don't forget the camera.

I have featured this park here a few times. The park I'm talking about is POINT PINOLE REGIONAL SHORELINE.

And so with the weather so nice and all the chores taken care of, the hubby and I went out about 3 PM to have a little exercise. We also had an ulterior motive. We were there to scout the group camp site that opened in the park. Our church group is planning on a camping trip this summer and this is one of the parks that was thrown in the hat last year, so it was time to check out the group site, and because the site is situated all the way to nearly the edge of the park, near the waters, we knew we would get a good walk.

This park is home to many eucalyptus trees with a few impressive trees like this one.

It's so beautiful. Only God can make a tThe ree.

Not far from this spot was the group site. We found that it was not large enough for our group, even though the site was supposed to hold 30 campers. Since we were all the way in the back we decided to tread where we haven't tread before :)

Blue sky + blue water.

The remains of an old pier.

Me and my shadow.

Popular fishing spot.

The sunset hour is coming.

I know.

I found my spot.

Taking the Bay Trail back to the entrance.

Also popular with horse riders.


Thank you for taking the walk with me.

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  1. Beautiful sequence of shots. I love the water and mountain range and the trees against the blue sky.

  2. I love this series of sky photos, each one just gorgeous.

  3. Very beautiful series of photos for SWF!Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks for a beautiful sky walk ~ gorgeous photos ~

    artmusedog and carol

  5. These photos are just beautiful!

  6. Nice sky photos, very clear sky and very relaxing

  7. What a beautiful hike, and lovely photos.

  8. Beautiful park with so much to see.

  9. Fabulous shots, I love eucalyptus trees!

  10. Great shot especially the Bay track back to the entrance. A great composition with very balancing objects and colors. I like it.

  11. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Excellent pictures. I like the fence and shadow one very much. Those trees are especially nice.

  12. i could stay forever in "I found my spot" bench. ^0^
    happy weekend dear.

  13. The fishing shot is fantastic! Great capture.

  14. Great pics, the eucalyptus tree shots especially are amazing.


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