Home Away From Home

For twelve days last summer, I called Sea Adventure Resort & Waterpark my home away from home. We needed a place close to the beach, quiet, away from the maddening crowd of Hotel Zone where I could undergo fertility treatment and procedure in peace. So months before the date of my procedure we scoured the interweb for accommodation. We have a timeshare in Cancun, but it's in Hotel Zone, the place where I was avoiding.

We were searching for hotels but we were not seeing anything we liked at the price we could afford. Then suddenly out of nowhere an idea came to mind. Why not google rentals by owners? So we did. The hubby reached out to one online that met all of our needs, plus it was within our budget. Even at the very last minute I was not fully sold to the idea.

It said online that it was "close to the beach". But I had my reservations. Sometimes the words "close to the beach" can be very relative. Yet, I hesitatingly gave my go. After all, the owner had given us a very good deal ($400 for 12 days).

The resort is family oriented with more Hispanics than Americans/Canadians. It is located in the Puerto Juarez area of Cancun and just across from the charming little island of Isla Mujeres.



There are a few suites that are privately owned. These suites are rented out by the owners themselves. We got a studio suite with two queen beds and a working kitchen with all the utensils.

There is microwave, stove and refrigerator, but no oven. The bathroom is showers only, but very nice. In addition, the owner has a good collection of books/novels that came in handy on days I was bedbound.

Because we have a kitchen and because the hubby loves to cook and because we both love to grocery shop (they have a Walmart), we cooked most of our meals.

The meals we ate at the balcony, overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

From our balcony, if I spit like a pro, my spit will reach the Sea. Yes, the studio is "close to the beach".



  1. $400 for 12 days for a place like that! What a steal of a deal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh how fabulous to have such a view AND also a husband who can cook!

  3. Definitely close to the beach. Yahoo!!

  4. What a lovely spot for you both ~ Gorgeous beach shots ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol ^_^

  5. That looks like a great spot for a vacation.

  6. Yes, definitely close to the beach! :-)

  7. Hi! Nice captures. It's very low price to stay there and close to the beach. It looks very luxurious to look at sea from the balcony. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm grad you got into such a fine looking place at such a good price. I like your pictures of the interior and those of the beach and ocean.

  9. What a great deal! Looks very home-y and the view is fantastic!

    How did your fertility procedure go? I hope it was successful.

  10. $400 for 12 days sounds like a STEAL, Maria. No wonder you took it. And it really WAS true to its advertizing word: close to the beach. I'm sure you left a magnificent review for them!

  11. That is an impressive home away from home. I hope your visit was fruitful. By the way, my recent header shot was taken at Laguna Beach. Enjoy the onset of spring!


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