Garden Blooms

My garden is a perpetual work in progress. There are days when the amount of work that needed to be done makes me want to pull out my hair instead of the weeds that seem to pop up the day after weeding, but most days the backaches and sore muscles are forgotten when I see the the flowers. I've shown you the flowers in my garden before, but spring is such a joyous season for gardeners since the flowers are all out and partying in my garden.

Here's my world lately:

2014_04_06 088
This variety of lavender grows/blooms longer than the English lavender.

2014_04_06 086
Geranium up close.

2014_04_06 082
This geranium came with the house.

2014_04_06 083
More geraniums. The former owner must have loved geraniums, the front yard is filled with them. But this one we bought particularly because hubby fell in love with geraniums too.

2014_04_06 079
Geraniums are low maintenance, hardy and have showy vibrant flowers that stay in bloom for a long time.

2014_04_06 075
Love these African Lily.

2014_04_06 070
Rose is one of my fave flowers.

2014_04_06 066
I'm not sure but I believe this is a variety of daisy.

Planting jasmine was such a good idea. The perfumed air greets us as we enter the house.

2014_04_06 065
Newest addition to the garden is the Pride of Madeira. It took us a long time to find out what this plant is called before we can buy it. Eventually we decided to buy seeds and we not only have the plant, it's blooming too, first time ever.



  1. Lovely flowers :) It's that time of year when it's vibrant with colors and fragrant floral perfumes permeate the air. I love roses too, but I can't get them to grow :).

  2. I'm imagining the smell of your garden. Lovely lovely flowers.

  3. Gorgeous shots and colours too!

  4. Love the look of the African lily! The jasmine reminds me of sampaguita though. I have one planted in front of my house as well and the smell is heavenly!

  5. You have beautiful blooms in your garden!

  6. You have a beautiful garden. Wonderful shots.

  7. Beautiful floral photography for OWT ~ love all the hues ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Geraniums are such good value. Yours are really beautiful.

  9. Dearest Photo Cache;
    Wow; your pictures of LOVELY flowers are so fantastic♡♡♡ lavender must have wonderful fragrance and great pictures with blurry back which stand out the flowers beauty(^_^)v

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  10. What gorgeous flowers and lovely photos.

  11. So very lovely!

  12. Wow! Such a colorful variety you have. Very pleasing to eyes.

  13.'s been lovely to see your flowering plants. I'm like you, it seems a lot of 'work' to keep up with, but there is a lot of joy when there's flowers and the weather isn't boiling hot anymore. Your spring, my autumn here on the east coast, Australia.

  14. All of your work has created a veritable world of beautiful color. Superb series.

  15. Hi Maria, this is your garden? It looks like a Botanical Garden! Your floras look happy, healthy and pretty. Make me feel ashamed about mine. Can I borrow your geen thumb?

  16. So lovely flowers! Very pretty garden!

  17. Good for you, Maria! I am finding all kinds of people these days who are really into gardening. Astrid would be, too, if we had a yard. Sometimes I really feel bad about that for her. But she does have her many orchids and other plants on our windowsill or in the flower "beds" on the back balcony. She does get to try out her green thumb. But she'd be totally envious of what you've shown here!

  18. Very lovely and colorful flowers.

  19. Gorgeous shots of the flowers in your garden. The purple pelargonium is lovely.


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