Xpu Ha: The Secret Beach

Xpu Ha is why you talk to locals and ask for their recommendations. We were talking to a lovely lady who recently left her teaching job to pursue a new career in tourism. We mentioned casually that we were driving to Playa del Carmen for a little look-see and maybe check out the beach scene. She said if we wanted to avoid the crowd, not too far from Playa - actually she said midway between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel - is a local hangout, pretty much under the foreign crowd radar, a beach called Xpuha - her favorite hangout.

This part of Quintana Roo is very friendly to drivers. You feel like going on a road trip in America. Our contact told us that the public access to the beach is from the highway. We sort of missed it because there's no gate or anything that would say it's the beach. There is an entrance fee, a small one and if you purchased any food or drink inside up to a certain amount they would refund the price of one ticket, isn't that a good deal.

What I saw was a slice of tropical heaven. Wide sandy white beach, shimmering turquoise waters, palm trees, and best of all it was uncrowded. Most of the people there looked like locals, a handful appear to be backpackers.

It was a hot humid typical summer day in the tropics, but the sky turned dark for a bit but no rain came.







This probably is where a backpacker can avail of accommodations?

The heat was getting to me, I needed something cold to refresh me so we headed to one of the eateries there, took a seat by the veranda and ordered a little nibble.

Huge menu, but quite disappointing since the menu seem to cater to the foreign palate, imho.

I see locals opt for the beach seating.

No elbowing others for a hammock.

Naturally I chose a totally non Mexican dish - nachos with shrimps.

Xpuha is a local hangout, no frills, nothing fancy, don't expect Cancun resort ambiance here. But if you seek idyllic setting without pretensions, this is your paradise.

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  1. Wow, that's a beautiful beach. Wonderful shots!

  2. A beautiful beach it is indeed and wonderful skies for a backdrop!! Doesn't get any better!! Terrific captures!!

  3. White sand...beautiful turquoise water, warmth....a margarita. I'm so there!!

  4. Such a beautiful place! Nice photos!

  5. A great place to stay there for a while.

  6. It sure looks like the 'perfect' beach and lovely food ~ Great shots for SWF ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Beautiful beach. I would love to be there.

  8. Great shots of a lovely place. The clouds in the top photo are breathtaking.

  9. The simmering temperatures here in Manila has everyone heading for the beach. Me, no way ... I'm not a beach person, I rather stay indoors in air condition comfort. he he he

    But lovely playa photos!

  10. Dearest Photo Cache;
    Wow, wonderful blue sky with beach♡♡♡ I wish I could eat that yummy looking food :-)
    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  11. Truly does look like tropical paradise. Wow, look at that white sand!!

  12. Hi! Nice captures. The color of the sea, blue sky and beautiful beach! It looks you live in a heaven. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  13. Gorgeous beach, the water is a lovely color..Beautiful skies.. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  14. the pristine waters, clear sky.
    ah! it's paradise indeed.
    i suddenly miss our local beaches here. haven't been doing it for some time now.
    have a gr8 weekend ahead.

  15. How inviting and lovely!

  16. Love the first set of beach photos. The title couldn't be more inviting.

  17. the colors are so inviting in your shots. And that water - wow! So clear and I bet it was a lot warmer than our Pacific Ocean!!

  18. A fine series on this beautiful place. Your food choice looks good to me.

  19. Wow! Gorgeous photos and such a beautiful place! I would love to be there...

  20. A beautiful beach with few people, and good, hearty food—perfect!

  21. Hi Maria, I loved this piece of tropical paradise that you found. I'll pick it anytime than the busy, touristy Cancun beaches. Love places that's more local. And yes, the best way to find them is to ask the locals. Lovely photos. Wish I can be there right now.

  22. What a beautiful place to holiday! Great sights framed.


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