Day Tripper @ Isla Mujeres, Part 2

The next stop in our exploration of Isla Mujeres was the tortugranja (turtle farm). There is a small entrance fee to support the work of the farm, which relies mostly from private donation fundings.

There is an indoor and outdoor pool area for turtles. Three kinds of turtles call Isla Mujeres home. Naturally I cannot remember what they are, even though I have jotted down the name somewhere, isn't that always the case when blogging about something that happened several months ago?


Inside there are two huge square pools in the middle of the room, both filled with baby turtles.

It's pretty tempting, but don't touch!

Aquariums line both side walls with pretty interesting creatures.



The indoor viewing area is quite small and it got crowded pretty quickly. Needing some fresh air, we went out back without knowing before hand that there were still turtles to be seen there.

Almost uninteresting sky, it was sunny, hot and humid.


Out back there are three vats, one for each type of turtle.


Here's one of the paddler in one of the vats.

Also out back is a fenced in area which looks like a cemetery for turtles.

As we went around the building we found a little pool out front with yet more baby turtles.

While we waited for the taxi driver to pick us up (this is a ways off the dock so you need to take a taxi), my husband treated to me to an ice cream cone.

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  1. Hot and humid with ice cream and turtle viewing sounds great to me. I like the patterns on the shells.

  2. So many turtles, great sight.
    I liked the unique shell pattern.

  3. All those baby turtles swimming together are an amazing sight. Love the stripey fish and those glorious views of sky and water.

  4. Love, love your turtle shots!
    We have rain most days this week so seeing your water and sky really helped!

  5. Amazing shots.

  6. Great shots of your wonderful trip ~ I love turtles and have read about them ~ Wonderful for SWF ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. The white turtle is amazing! I've never seen one before.

  8. Beautiful place, so many turtles all in one place.

  9. Fantastic shots of a beautiful spot. I love all the turtles.

  10. Lovely pictures! Amazing nature!

  11. That's awesome - I've never seen so many turtles in one place.

  12. I'll always remember Isla Mujeres from a Jacques Cousteau special on sleeping sharks. Looks like a beautiful location!

  13. Lovely color of these turtles. This post make me a bit sad and angry, because it reminds me of the lots of them that died, seen on a Chinese fishing boat at the West Philippine Sea, apprehended for poaching. Imagine we as a people and the world protect them as endangered species, and here are foreigners catching them from our waters for their shells!!!

  14. I've enjoyed the varieties of turtles and white one is amazing♡♡♡ Kind of made me wondered about the cemetery looking place :-)

  15. I love seeing all the turtle images in your post. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  16. That's an amazing turtle farm. Fine series documenting it.

  17. So many darling turtles. Everybody's favorite reptile! Places like this are wonderful and so important.

  18. oh dear!
    You had me at turtles! ^-^
    in fact, we used to have them as pets,
    but they were so big that we had to gave it up and let my aunties with a bigger space adopt them.
    I got teary eyed afterwards,
    yes, over a bunch of turtles! ^-^

  19. What is it about turtles!!!! :D


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