Day Tripper @ Isla Mujeres, Part 3

Oh the shopping!

It's the first thing we saw when we got off the ferry. The street parallel to the shoreline is lined with shops and restaurants. But we didn't shop yet. Shopping had to wait until after we made our stop at the lighthouse and the turtle farm.

When the taxi driver came to pick us from the turtle farm, we asked if he could take us to the municipal market instead of the dock. This was about 2 pm.

The municipal market.

Inside, the market was nearly empty. There was 1 or 2 stalls that was still there, but they were on the verge of packing up for the day.

Because we were hungry we joined locals in having meals outside the market.

We ordered a simple meal - fried fish with rice and the fixings.

While eating we enjoyed the murals from this hotel that stood across the market.

After the late lunch, we set out on foot towards the shops lining the shoreline; however, a couple of blocks away from our destination we stumbled upon a pedestrian only street that is lined with more stores, more restaurants and bars. Naturally, we were sidelined. The street scene was so colorful, so inviting.









We lingered on this street entering shops that interested us - there were many - yet we came out of this street with our money intact, which is miraculous.

We spent so much time browsing here that by the time we got to the main road by the dock I had no more energy. The spiriti was very much willing, but the flesh was totally exhausted. However, it was too early to go back so we decided on having a little snack. The husband and wife team (wife manning the coconut stand, husband the crepe) had this section of the road all to themselves, so they had a good business.



By the time we were ready to go back to Cancun, the line to the ferry was loooong. We decided we can wait for the next one. We sat at the benches and happy to have the waiting area all to ourselves. The quiet of the waiting area was broken by a someone yelling, CALIFORNIA! CALIFORNIA! in our direction. Moving our gaze towards the ferry, we saw our taxi driver. He was gesturing us to come and board the ferry. We didn't want to board because we knew the ferry was full by the long line we saw earlier. But he kept on yelling CALIFORNIA and unwilling to create more scene, we crossed towards him and he ushered us to the ferry. Thankfully we listened to him because the upper level of the ferry was half empty.

One last look.



  1. I love those colorful plates which can be hanged on walls as decorative pieces. I thought those were masks but upon closer inspections realized they were skulls! A bit creepy.

  2. Ah, your terrific photos brought back lots of fun memories!! I lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for over a year and I also traveled to Cancun several times to go snorkeling!! Such fun!!

  3. So much colour. I enjoyed coming along with you and seeing life.

  4. Beautiful photos and sounds like you are having wonderful time ~ great post for OWT ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. I love all the colours they use in Mexico. Such a bright vibrant country. - Margy

  6. Mexico -- the country full of color! You must be having a marvelous time!

  7. What a beautiful place. I love those skeleton panels, as they remind me of my favorite band, the Grateful Dead!

  8. What a wonderful market!

  9. Wonderful market place. There is something for everyone.

  10. lol, that was one cool taxi driver. ^0^
    i love the skeletal tiles and heads.^0^ if only those were not too morbid enough for my mom's taste.

  11. What an adventure through town!

  12. Aren't you glad you went down the side street? We usually find the best thing off the main highway.

  13. That fish looks good!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. Hi! There are many colorful things all over the market. I enjoyed your photos very much. The last photo is breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Interesting things in the market! I would love to go there and see it for myself!

  16. A fine walk through the colorful shop-lined streets. A very colorful post! Nice!

  17. What a beautiful colorfull series of photo's. I am sure you had a great time.

  18. Can see you're trying to fit in with the locals:) Love the murals! One of the things of Mexico and all of S. America I love is their colorful art.
    I scrolled down - the turtle farm so worth visiting!

  19. You and your shopping, Maria. HA! It tickles me to death because you always find the best of the lot, it seems. I can imagine following you around everywhere. :)

  20. LOVE visiting your blog! Your photos are always gorgeous and you do fantastic reportage of many places you visit.
    Like Ginnie said, I can imagine following you around the World! I have much pleasure traveling vicariously with you! :)


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