Of Luncheon Companions

The husband and I were not alone when we were eating our picnic lunch. The locals were kind enough to break bread with us. In return, I was allowed free access to photograph them.

I present to you the few locals that we had as lunch companions:

2014_01_12 125
I think this is the first red-beaked seagull.

2014_01_12 119
Another look.

2014_01_12 123
Here's another local.

2014_01_12 121
This one had too much human food she was going to get sick.

2014_01_12 120
Yap, one sick seagull alright.

Red beak wasn't happy with the arrival of another local, she's trying to chase her away.

2014_01_12 129
One as cute as this one, naturally I allowed her to stay for lunch.

2014_01_12 136
Cute I say.

2014_01_12 138
Extremely charming too.

2014_01_12 132
Have excellent table manners too, no crumbs at all.

This is MY WORLD this week.


  1. What excellent captures of the gulls and the squirrel. Particularly impressed with the red-beaked seagull!

  2. i always love your macro shots.
    i wish I could take such good fotos like you. ^0^

  3. Delightful shots of the animals.

  4. What great lunch companions - especially the cute one!

  5. What a series of lovely pics...!

  6. What a cute squirrel. I've never seen a spotty one before. Gulls are . . . rather persistent at lunch but do make for nice shots.

  7. Wonderful images and apt commentary.

  8. Fabulous shots!

  9. Fabulous sharp-as-a-whistle close-ups of your charming companions, Maria. How splendid.

  10. Lot of drama there. Terrific captures.

  11. That first shot of the red beaked seagull is exquisite.

  12. Oh the red beak is so cute, and poor yellow beak !

    As for the squirrel, you know how I feel about it! :)

  13. I do hope that red beaked seagull had not been drinking the "hard" stuff! These are great picture of the locals. That squirrel is so cute too. Nice post,

  14. Excellent post and photography ~ quite the 'dinner guests' you had with you ~ OWT ~ thanks, xoxo

    artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor)

  15. Such beautiful photo's of the locals. LOve them all.

  16. Oh, 2 kinds of sea-gulls; great photographs♬♬♬

    Sincerely from Japan xoxo Miyako*


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