A Day of Hakuna Matata

Fall Season is upon us already. This year has indeed just flew by. It has been quite busy, thank God. While I have not had a proper vacation (1 week length or more) this year I have quite a few day trips and day outs around town and I'm just getting around to blogging them.

For instance one beautiful warm June day we found ourselves with plenty of leisure time on our hands and so we did what we've been putting off for years - go see the Oakland Zoo.

oakland museum 001
Finally. Wait no dogs in park??

We saw many animals including the lemurs. This one looks more skittish than a scare-d cat.

oakland museum 051
The bats were impressive, but difficult to capture because there is a glass divider between them and the visitors.

oakland museum 019
We got to see the croc feeding time, but didn't get to photograph the croc, haha!

oakland museum 164
Until that day, I wasn't attracted to the giraffe. That all changed.

oakland museum 131
We took the gondola ride and watched the animals from above.

oakland museum 136
The camel was among those animals you only see when you ride the gondola. Is it shedding?

oakland museum 116
The lion sang the song of his people to the delight of spectators.

oakland museum 120
Along the gondola route we spotted deer having lunch and birds inviting themselves to leftovers.

oakland museum 104
We saw the tiger cooling off.

San Francisco was barely visible through the haze, or fog?

oakland museum 054
Back on land, we saw a giant turtle dragging a piece of stick or grass to wherever it is going. Did not stay to see where, it was taking too long.

Then there's the warthog.

oakland museum 154
At the baboon section we were given a very informative lecture by a docent who happened to be there at the same time.

oakland museum 173
The elephant is on my must visit list.

There were many other animals and birds of different varieties that were so tough to capture because they were in big cages. But my top two attractions are:

The monkey was most entertaining. It did not stop showing off his swinging skills. We joined many enthralled by him and his antics. He even relieved himself while swinging - now that is a treat.

oakland museum 058

oakland museum 074

oakland museum 063

oakland museum 075

And the exhibition that captured the largest piece of my heart that day......the MEERKATS!!!!!

PicMonkey Collage

oakland museum 192

oakland museum 183

oakland museum 176



It was truly a day of hakuna matata (no worries). This is my entry for this week's OUR WORLD TUESDAY.

Here is the complete album from Flick'r.


  1. I'm glad you had a day of no worries and happy you had your camera with you too!

  2. What a fun day at the zoo. I love all the animals.. The meerkats are cute. Wonderful collection of photos. Have a happy week!

  3. Love the giraffe! What an adventure close to home ~ Wonderful day trip with all those gorgeous animals ~ Excellent photography too!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. You saw a good variety of animals and got some great shots.

  5. That looks like a nice zoo. Don't fall out of the chairlift near the lions!

  6. Great shots from zoo. There is lot to see here:

  7. That gondola ride looked like the perfect way to watch the animals.

  8. What a beautiful park and your photo's are all great

  9. Thanks for taking us along on this fine zoo trip. The Meerkats are so cute and demonstrative. A fine post.

  10. Now you've made me think of Kenya! I've heard (and said) Hakuna Matata so many times! :-) Wonderful animal shots!

  11. Glad you took your camera on your day of no worries! Sometimes short times off and day trips are more relaxing than a long vacation. (Or at least that's how I remember it from way back when I was a member of the work force for all those years ;>)( Retired now, every day is a vacation.)

    Love the meerkats too. We saw a very pregnant giraffe at the San Diego zoo once -- that was rather amazing. I love their gentle eyes.

  12. Hi! Nice collection of many animal photos. I enjoyed them very much. Thanks for sharing.

  13. thanks for taking me along for the ride to the zoo! my cat sometimes resembles a meerkat with his posture.

  14. That camel MUST be shedding, don't you think?

  15. What a pleasant day at the zoo. Poor dogs, they banned from hanging out with their fellow creatures??:) I think you did a great job capturing the bat despite the glass partition. The gondola ride over the wildlife is such a great idea. It's safe and gives a different perspective of the animal scenes. That monkey is a big show off! But awww..the meerkats are so adorable. Thanks for sharing your day of Hakuna Matata.

  16. That giraffe has a weird head, but I agree with you. It looks cute! Like it's smiling or something haha


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