Bird watching @ Monterey Bay Aquarium

In my lifetime, I can count on one hand the number of times I have gone out to photograph wildlife (not in zoo), especially birds. However, I have done my best bird watching at an aquarium, ironically. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an exhibit for shore birds and these birds are so used to being ogled and photographed and seem unfazed by all the attention. Thus it was the best spot for me to photograph them.

This year thus far I have been to the aquarium four times. Before this summer, I cannot remember the last time I went. But this summer we hosted my husband's childhood friend from the old country and we wanted to show him the very best that this area could offer - so we thought we'd take him to Monterey Bay Aquarium. When we got there we learned that the aquarium is a nonprofit organization and decided to buy the annual pass (which actually included an additional 2 guest passes) instead of a one-time ticket. That decision paid off wonderfully when two out-of-town guests were interested to see the aquarium and so there we were only too willing to go with them :)

Anyway, I have four opportunities to bird watch and photograph. By the third time my husband was exasperated and did not mince any words when he said: Enough already! But how could I? The birds were so cute and they were used to being photographed.

These shots were from different visits.


PicMonkey Collage





monterey bay aquarium 099

monterey bay aquarium 114

monterey bay aquarium 104

monterey bay aquarium 115

monterey bay aquarium 095

2014_08_17 049

I'm afraid I didn't pay too much attention on the names of the birds, sigh!



  1. Those are great photos of the shorebirds and unfortunately I can't be sure what they are :-( Some look familiar but they are all in partial breeding plumage and down here in Australia they are mostly in non-breeding plumage - which looks very different. PLUS mine around here don't sit nice and still for me to get close-up photos!

  2. I love the bathing pictures! I wish you a good week!

  3. Incredible Shots.... Amazing....:)

  4. Absolutely fabulous, Maria. You know I would have been in heaven! Your annual pass really paid off.

  5. Wow; great photographs of varieties of birds♡♡♡ Especially the one with long beak and long red legs are SO unique♪
    I wish I could find these birds here... Well, I always make my husband wait for long taking picture time :-) 

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  6. These are fantastic shots. It's no secret that I love birds and you captured them so well.

  7. They are great birds and lovely pictures.

  8. Wow! You took wonderful pictures!
    Monterey Bay Aquarium looks a great place to visit!

    Thank you so much for your Congratulations on my 9th blog anniversary.
    Wishing you and your husband a nice week ahead. :)

  9. Beautiful birds. Look at those beaks, I wonder how they pick food with them.

  10. Wow - beautiful bird photos. I've always wanted to visit that aquarium.

  11. Very nice photos of the birds.

    BTW: I'm so glad my husband like birds as much as I do. :))

  12. You took good advantage of the well photographed birds. These are fine close up that capture the color and look of these birds very well.

  13. Wonderful series of bird shots! Loved this post.


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