Heavenly and Northstar

Shortly after checking in and dumping our bag in the cabin, we were driving off again. Our destination this time was Northstar, a ski resort within a few minutes drive. I don't ski and so I was thrilled to see a ski resort. But of course it was late May and the ski season was over. We found the resort practically deserted except for a few souls who were ambling about aimlessly just like us. In addition nearly all the stores were closed.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 059

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 056

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 055


2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 063

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 066

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 077

Northstar is at the north end of the lake, Heavenly is down at the south side. Heavenly was one of the stops we made when we attempted to drive around the lake. Since the resort is next door to the casinos, there were more people here and the stores are open for business. We walked around pointing our camera at everything that interested us.

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 384

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 385

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 389

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2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 409

2014 Memorial Day Roadtrip 408

This is my entry to this week's OUR WORLD TUESDAY.


  1. Ski resorts are quite different during the off season. And definitely cheaper! Haven't seen this one -- off or on season ... lovely pics.

  2. Lovely and colorful photography of the Ski Resort ~ love the boots photos!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. I could use a pair ... of the boots not the slippers ... cause it's raining out here in MASS.

  4. Wonderful shots. I enjoy your travel logs.

  5. Lake Tahoe is in my bucket list ;-) We lived in SoCalifornia for 9 years but we never been to that place yet. Nice view and nice shots.

  6. Northstar looks peaceful and quite delightful. It must be a bustling picture during the snow season.

  7. What a beautiful place - ski resorts are definitely good places to get photos.

  8. What a pretty place!

  9. I like your shot of the colorful boots all lined up in a row. I've skied at both Northstar and Heavenly and they are great resorts. They look so different without snow.

  10. Hi Maria, i have been absent from following your travels lately. Those are amazing landscapes and photos, i smiled at the shoes! You really amaze me always with your photos.

  11. I really enjoyed my visit here. Your philosophy about photography is similar to mine, I think. Wow! That bicycle really caught my eye. The ski resort photos.. especially the shot of the mountain trails.. were wonderful.


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