Running Errand With The Camera

It is very rare that I leave the house on a weekend without bringing the camera, especially since I lost my nice smart phone that took great photos and was unable to replace it just yet. That is why I have so many photos in my computer. Way too much that I spend so more time than I have organizing and composing posts.

These photos came when we were running an errand. We were scouting for a summer campground where our church group could go to. Our target was Samuel P. Taylor State Park in Lagunitas in Marin County.

Camping under the tall trees was exciting concept.

There were private cabins in the campground as well. We went with the group camp site.

2014_04_27 031
We liked the site right away so we went back on the road for a little drive.

We pulled over on the side of the road and took photos. I like this drive so much that I always look forward to coming here.


2014_04_27 027

2014_04_27 034

2014_04_27 036

In the past, we simply drive by this area because we had some place to go, but on this day with our destination/task already completed we were open to stopping at any spot we fancied.

We stopped at Mount Tamalpais Watershed area and enjoyed a walk in nature.

2014_04_27 154

2014_04_27 134

2014_04_27 124

2014_04_27 130

2014_04_27 118

2014_04_27 125

2014_04_27 149
Saw my first banana slug.

We moved on with our no-destination drive and stumbled upon this roadside farm stand. It's one of those that you help yourself and drop your payment in a jar or something, no one is manning the till.

2014_04_27 049

2014_04_27 046
And just outside of the farm stand, the fence is covered with four o'clock.

This is my post for OUR WORLD TUESDAY.


  1. What a great trip with some stunning places to walk.

  2. This camp site is so charming now I can image how much more bustling it will be in the summer. I like all the photos but was particularly taken with the lone tree on the hillside looking so tiny in the distance.

  3. Nice that you found a camp you liked so easily and had time to hunt for other photo ops. like all your photos except...the banana slug. EW! :))

  4. What a nice place to camp. The scenery, trees and the flowers are all lovely! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  5. Great series of wonderful nature photography ~ looks so inviting!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. You took some great shots. Delightful post.

  7. What a beautiful place - you have incredible trees in that part of the country. Both those dogs in my blog post are mine, and they both love hiking with me - they'll go for miles, even though together they weigh less than 20 pounds!

  8. Great captures from your walk. It is a beautiful place.

  9. Such pretty shots!

  10. Great shots at the camp site.
    I love the falling water shot.

  11. Dearest Photo Cache; What a GREAT photographs from wonderful walk in nature☆☆☆ LOVED and enjoyed to see the beautiful flowers, my friend♪
    Sincerely from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  12. A fine series of very interesting pictures. This was a fine place to check out and have a hike. Nice post!

  13. Don't EVER forget your camera! Loved the shot of the tall trees ... Great angle ... But I know this is totally weird, but I liked the Banana SLug photo the best. Those things are so bizarre! And it reminded me of Oregon Coast ... We used to see them there all the time.

  14. Hi,nice camping under the tall trees. Your flowerphotos are breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  15. lovely sumemr shots. And, we are heading that way again. :)

  16. Aren't banana slugs funny? I saw my 1st one in Mendocino 10 years ago and haven't seen one since. They're almost like a Bay Area legend...are they real or make believe?

  17. Aren't banana slugs funny? I saw my 1st one in Mendocino 10 years ago and haven't seen one since. They're almost like a Bay Area legend...are they real or make believe?


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