The Color and Texture of Nature

Unlike the first time I posted the color and texture of nature, this is not going to be wordless. Yes these pictures were also taken in Pescadero. The textures of the sand and the rocks fascinated me a lot. Naturally I took a ton of photos. I did not want to deluge the previous post with a lot of photos so I decided to come up with another post.

2015 02 16_canonps_0542

2014 02 16_0293

2014 02 16_0287

2014 02 16_0285

2015 02 16_canon_0460

2014 02 16_0350

2014 02 16_0370

2015 02 16_canon_0513

2015 02 16_canon_0518

2015 02 16_canon_0500

This is my post for OUR WORLD TUESDAY.


  1. very cool patterns! I love seeing those on our beaches

  2. These are gorgeous . I love to look at sand patterns... Quiet beaches are my favorites where nobody has disturbed the natural arrangements. Wonderful photos.

  3. Love the textures and colours. We have beaches near our home, but they are mostly rocky. - Margy

  4. Very creative shots of nature's creations ~ Beautiful! I often take similar photos! Love what nature creates in the sands!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. Beautiful photos. Love the colour of the rock formations.

  6. I also love these textures, and you did a great job capturing them.

  7. What a great post about the color and texture of nature. I love all the photos.

  8. Erosion is a powerful source and makes for some interesting patterns.

  9. Lovely patterns and textures.

  10. Dearest Photo Cache; Oh, the sand and the rocks sure make Fascinating Texture, don't they☆☆☆  You friend reminded me the word 'erosion' :-)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  11. Wonderful shots from nature. Very different from each other.

  12. Love the colors and formations! I was wondering why some of the rocks have some rustic/yellow shade on them? Is this area volcanic?

  13. When we're on vacation in Aruba, I walk the beach early just to get this type of thing!!!...:) JP


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