More Photos From Venice (From the Vaporetto)

One of the 2 great moves we’ve done while traveling to Venice was staying in Mestre. Not only was the hotel cheaper outside of Venice and you get more bang for your buck, but I completely dug the suburbian neighborhood vibe. The other one is buying a pass for unlimited rides to both land bus and water bus or vaporetto.

I love riding the vaporetto. On all three days that we took it, we were sightseeing to the max. It’s not only a reliable means of transportation but it also served as a cultural hub. I enjoyed mingling with fellow tourists, “travelers”, backpackers (we’re all tourists you know) and locals.

I mentioned earlier that we purchased the 48-hour pass at the airport because it also covered the shuttle bus from the airport to Mestre. The pass comes in different denomination from 24 hours to a month, I think I’ve read somewhere that you can get a month’s pass, I may be wrong.

A major tip, ALWAYS scan your card before boarding the vaporetto. No one is manning the stops so you can skip scanning (which means you ride free, not good) the card if you choose. However, on our first day, an inspector randomly boarded the water bus and checked our cards to make sure we paid for the ride. A couple of tourists (dslr hanging on neck) were caught not scanning their cards before boarding had to pay E60, that’s what we heard. So be careful and always scan your cards.


Gloomy day 1.

venice and greece 220

venice and greece 262

venice and greece 281



Us on the first, lacking sleep but very content.


venice and greece 835

venice and greece 898





The Day 3 photos will be on the next post. Day 3 was when we boarded the ship for the Greek cruise out of Venice.

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  1. Surely, the vaporetto is very good for sightseeing and with your photos you depict so well the beauty of Venice.
    Wonderful sequence of images!

  2. I wish to do that too. Very detailed images, making me go there at once following your routes. And who took your photo while on that other boat?

  3. I wish to do that too. Very detailed images, making me go there at once following your routes. And who took your photo while on that other boat?

  4. beautiful photos! I still want to go there one day :-)

  5. Thank you so much for taking us with you on this tour of the beautiful Venice, Italy.

  6. Wonderful photos! I visited there 20 years ago, but seeing your photos make it feel like it was yesterday again. Even in photos, the beauty and wonder of Venice blows my mind.

  7. Surely one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world.

  8. day one was gloomy, but the vibrant colors of Venice did stand out more.! ^0^
    and the first foto was beautiful, under the bridge effect.
    i can't wait to see more and i'm learning a lot about the Vaporetto details.

  9. This is a part of the world I have not been to yet - one day! Nice set of pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. love you two's reflection! great photos!

  11. I have enjoyed Venice thru your photos. I am glad you have some photos of yourself while traveling.. Great series, thanks for sharing your visit.. Have a happy weekend ahead!

  12. What a wonderful tour you've taken us on!! I lived in Europe for several years, but didn't get to Venice, but I did spend some time in Greece and I loved every minute!! Hope you have another great trip!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty!!

  13. Wow! Venice and its amazing water ways

  14. Venice -- What a beautiful city!
    It must be exciting to visit it.
    Thank you for sharing your great photos.

  15. Beautiful! There are similar systems where you're supposed to buy rides but the checks are random; in Seattle I saw the inspectors haul a non-paying rider off at the next stop and give him a ticket! (I'd bought my ticket so displayed it to them.)

  16. Lovely shots! The buildings of Venice are so picturesque!

  17. every time I see images from Venice I wish I could paint :)

  18. Great photo reminders of my trip to Venice years ago. A beautiful city to visit. Thanks for sharing. Mickie :)

  19. Thanks for reliving my fond memories of Venezia through your gorgeous photos! Viva Italia! :)

  20. Great tips on Venice, Maria, which is on our Bucket List for one of these years soon. THANK YOU. Both Mestre and the transportation pass make perfect sense for our own budget. There's always more than one way to skin the cat.

  21. I can't imagine being in Venice. All I know about it is what I have seen in advertisements and maybe a movie. You have taken some very nice photographs.

  22. Nice and very detailed images. Great post


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