My World: The San Francisco Giants

On June 12, 2015 I went to the Giants game at AT&T Park. That night, there was fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer, which was why we were there. My niece lost her battle last February to this dreaded disease.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2631
We caught the pregame stretching with Joe Panik (12) and Matt Duffy (5).

2015 06 12_darbybday_2630
Kids filed in for the singing of the national anthem.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2632
A memory that will last forever for these kids.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2629
Madison Bumgarner was the starting pitcher.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2628
Here goes.

2015 06 13_darbybday_2603
The struggling Diamondbacks of Arizona came to play that night.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2643
Angel Pagan, centerfield.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2636
Joe Panik, second base.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2645
Buster Posey, catcher.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2637
Brandon Belt, first base.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2653
Brandon Crawford, short stop.

The Giants were getting no hit by the Dbacks.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2641
Madison Bumgarner, aka MadBum, was known to hit it over the fence.

2015 06 12_darbybday_2642
He got on base.

But the opponents had their number that night and a change of pitcher was necessary.

2015 06 13_darbybday_2615
The meeting at the mound with manager Bruce Bochy.

2015 06 13_darbybday_2620
Hunter Strickland (60) getting briefed by Buster Posey.

2015 06 13_darbybday_2618
Sometime later another pitching change. The infielders watched as the new pitcher got warmed up on the mound.

2015 06 13_darbybday_2617
Jeremy Affeldt got the call.

2015 06 13_darbybday_2621
In the end, the home team could not overcome the deficit and the sold out arena had a lot of disappointed fans.

Anyway, our seats were high up. I probably was five rows away from the highest row. The fact that these shots were decent enough speaks volume to the capability of Canon point and shoot camera. I did not bring my DSLR because I was coming in from work.



  1. Looks like a fun day to watch a game even if they didn't win.

    You know, I've been thinking of getting myself a point and shoot camera. Sometimes, I find the DSLR bulky and heavy.

  2. I'm I have to go check the Giants' roster, does Hunter Pence still play for S F?
    I used to love watching his enthusiasm when he played his first ever season for the Astros.

    And of course, I lived in Tucson AZ for some time, so I like the D Backs too.

    Love what they [at the game] did to raise money...AND awareness.

  3. What great photos from that distance.

  4. Great photos indeed and the next best thing to being there!! Have a wonderful new week!!

  5. Fantastic baseball photography! Love San Fran!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. Love it! I caught the SF Orange and had to check it out! The Giants are a special kind of team. Ryan Vogelsong is out local favorite but all the other players are great too. Glad they had a good turn out to support a worthy cause!

  7. I'm so sorry about your niece, it's such an awful thing, I lost my grandmother to breast cancer in 2003, wouldn't wish it on anyone :-(

  8. Looks like fun - those are impressive shots from a point-and-shoot!

  9. Sorry about you niece and Godspeed.

    The Giants always do a great job in their efforts for causes. Great shots of the game. I am a local like you.

  10. looks like a fun event. nice captures.

  11. Oh yes if you didn't tell us i wouldn't think those are not by a DSLR! And their colors are so lovely, the formations too.

  12. well, these shots are great! ^0^ they certainly did not look like point and shoot, had you not mention you were far back I would've thought you got great seats.
    now this is the kind of game that i'm not familiar about. like literally, i don't understand it. ^0^

    ps: so sorry about to hear your niece...

  13. fine images of a game I don´t know anything about.
    The filing children photo reminded me of a couple of photographers gathering children from all over the world. In each location they form a letter and take a shot of it. They will be done when they have created the whole alphabet. :)

  14. Great shots of a fun game.

  15. You have captured moments in the game beautifully.

  16. Wow! That IS a good camera! I thought you had front row seats! Sorry they lost, but it was for a great cause!

  17. I'm very impressed with your camera. Until you said where you were seated I thought you were in the bottom rows. Go Giants!
    Take 25 to Hollister

  18. Fabulous shots from your Canon point-n-shoot, Maria. Now I wonder which one you have??? I have the PowerShot SX50 HS with a zoom of 1200mm. I call it my magic camera because it does the same thing. Unbelievable. Good for you...even though you lost.

  19. Hi! So sorry about your niece.BTW, Nori Aoki is one of San Francisco Giant members. I hope he will come back soon.

  20. Hi! So sorry about your niece.BTW, Nori Aoki is one of San Francisco Giant members. I hope he will come back soon.


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