Sunset Cruise to The Arch

One other activity that tore us away from the beach chairs is the sunset cruise to The Arch, a rock formation and one of the most recognizable landmark in Mexico. The cruise departs from the harbor and cruises slowly towards and around the The Arch. Mexican dinner is served buffet style
with unlimited drinks - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices and there was a DJ playing music for people to dance to. The cruise runs about 2 hours. If you are in Cabo, I suggest you sign up for a sunset cruise.

2014 05 27_pentax_2320
Not our boat, but similar double deck boat that we took.

2014 05 27_pentax_2312
Others take the smaller vessel.

2014 05 27_pentax_2322
Let's begin the cruise.

2014 05 27_pentax_2327
Beach scene.

2014 05 27_pentax_2332
Glass bottom boat.

2014 05 27_pentax_2341
Lover's Beach.

2014 05 27_pentax_2352
The Arch

2014 05 27_pentax_2359
Rock formations

2014 05 27_pentax_2373
The Arch

2014 05 27_pentax_2391
Evening light

2014 05 27_pentax_2407
The Arch from the other side

2014 05 27_pentax_2401
Rock formation

2014 05 27_pentax_2415
The ARch from the other side.

2014 05 27_pentax_2423
Rock formation.

2014 05 27_pentax_2422

2014 05 27_pentax_2437

2014 05 27_pentax_2444

2014 05 27_pentax_2453



  1. Amazing rock formations to be seen on cruise.

  2. Oh wow, gorgeous scenery and views. I like teh rock formations and arch. Lovely sunset shot. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. As the sun starts to go down the photos get more and more interesting.

  4. I love all the places you take us to through your lens!

  5. It surely looks like a fun cruise - viewing marvelous landscape accompanied with some food and drink... Beautiful photo story.

  6. beautiful views of the rocks - and great to have nice weather!

  7. Wow! What a place ! Fantastic photography!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. What an amazingly beautiful place and lovely photos.

  9. Those are wonderful shots especially that during sunset with lots of birds. Your hands are so steady even if the boat is moving, the shots are still very sharp. The arch reminds me of that in Sabtang Island in Batanes, where lunch is served near it, and you feel really very far from home.

  10. Wow! What wonderful photos! The sea is so blue and there were so many different styles of ships sailing towards the unusual rock formations. They were definitely a sight to see!

  11. The rock formations are awesome!

  12. absolutely breathtaking scenery, is that a pirate ship in the distance?

  13. I love rock formations, and especially to walk and hike!
    Would love to have you share on Oh My Heartsie Girls WW

    Have a great week!

  14. Such a beautiful series. Lucky you!

  15. Love that arch and the surrounding environs!!! I haven't been to Cabo in probably 30+! It sure has grown!!!

  16. I really like sea arches (even have a Pinterest board just for them). I have always wanted to visit this one in Cabo. Hope it is the way I imagine it.

  17. I'm glad you enjoyed the cruise. I also love sea arches!!!! :) Maybe in the near future I'll decide to go there. Can't wait!

  18. A fantastic series ... I'm happy you had such a wonderful time and brought these back home to share with us! Bastet

  19. wow, such a nice place and gorgeous photos you share :) Love it!

  20. Thanks for taking us along on your boating trip. The series is very good. The arch is very impressive from either side.

  21. What a stunning place, the natural world really is the most amazing artist


  22. Wonderful sceneries, great views of the rock formations.

  23. Great shots of those wonderful rocks!


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