Skywatching, May 25, 2016 Version

I was at a lost for Skywatch post this week, when I realized that I have some photos taken while on a flight from Cancun to Mexico City this past May. We were in Cancun to celebrate our wedding anniversary for 6 days and had a 6-hour layover in Mexico City. Initially we planned on leaving the airport and having some authentic tacos in the streets of Mexico City, but it was too hot to go out of the airport and we were both exhausted from the early flight. So we just stayed in the airport and sampled the non-Mexican cuisine inside the airport.

2016 05 25_canonpws_8288

2016 05 25_canonpws_8289

2016 05 25_canonpws_8290

2016 05 25_canonpws_8291

2016 05 25_canonpws_8293

2016 05 25_canonpws_8299

2016 05 25_canonpws_8300

2016 05 25_canonpws_8301

2016 05 25_canonpws_8302

2016 05 25_canonpws_8303

2016 05 25_canonpws_8304

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  1. It always looks nice from high up

  2. Oh my goodness. These shots are great. I have taken a lot from planes but never any the quality of these. Those first shots filled with gorgeous blue and fluffy white are heavenly. You got some of the best captures looking out your window. It was definitely a gorgeous flight that day. Have a happy weekend. genie

  3. Amazing views.Great pics.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Wonderful pictures, great skies.
    Happy weekend!

  5. beautiful series, with this awesome mood of taking off and gazing down.

  6. Wonderful pictures, skies and landscapes !

  7. A fine series of aircraft and flying pictures. I like this subject and you did a fine job of covering the subject.

  8. Haven't been to Cancun in ages, but we sure enjoyed it the times we were there. As for your question about churches being open the answer is a qualified yes. We have churches (open to the public for general worship and totally boring inside), then there are temples which are open to the public only the month before they are dedicated then they are closed to the general public. Only members are allowed inside once dedicated due to the holy nature they hold for us. Marriages and other ordinances are performed inside. If you are ever in a place where a new temple is built, find out when the open house is and go. Free tours are given and an explanation of what we do inside if offered. Finally, there are historic buildings/churches like the one featured in my post. They are open for tours, but usually still function as a church on Sunday or for special occasions.

  9. Great photos taken from the aircraft. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Great photos taken from the aircraft. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  11. Beautiful photos. I'm not sure I'd travel to Mexico City these days. I met a lawyer's wife on conference in my city. They lived in Mexico City and she told me it is not the place to go anymore due to safety issues. I was there once long ago. How did you find it?

  12. I love photos from planes -- it's always good to know I'm not the only one who does that (most travelers are so sophisticated and bored-acting that they never even look out the windows... I'm still like a little kid all excited about flying.

  13. unusually good shots from the aircraft. :) They must have cleaned the windows :)


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