A Summer Interlude

August 5 this year was a Friday, the day my nephew tied the knot with a wonderful lady - the mother of his beautiful daughter. The vows were exchanged in the city hall where only "family" were present. All the extended family and friends and colleagues were present at the reception held in a Brazilian restaurant in the Embarcadero area. That was all fine and good and a time of joy for everyone involved.

After the reception, however, the guests were all thinking of one thing.....how to avoid the Bay Bridge traffic on a Friday? The husband and I decided we did not want the aggravation, so we chose to stay in the city until after the Friday rush hour traffic had eased up a bit.

Where do we want to go? We couldn't think of a particular place we wanted to see, we just drove and ended up in Ocean Beach/Land's End area. Photos were taken, naturally. Shouldn't be a surprise, I'm always packing (a camera) when I go to the city.

2016 08 05_canonpws_9854

2016 08 05_canonpws_9858

2016 08 05_canonpws_9856

2016 08 05_canonpws_9865

2016 08 05_canonpws_9859

2016 08 05_canonpws_9864

This area had become my go-to place in the city, even though it can get very crowded with tourists and very chilly and breezy, which was why we cut short our time here. Next, we drove to the Richmond area, found a Starbucks and got warmed up a bit.

Still not ready to go home and because the next day would be my birthday and we were in the neighborhood, we stopped at St. Mary's cathedral to say a special prayer. However, the church was closed, which was a bit disappointing.

2016 08 05_canonpws_9870

2016 08 05_canonpws_9872
The main door - very interesting.

2016 08 05_canonpws_9873
The bottom half.

2016 08 05_canonpws_9874
The upper half.

2016 08 05_canonpws_9875
Next door is another church, Methodist I believe.

2016 08 05_canonpws_9876
Apartment building I believe.

2016 08 05_canonpws_9877
I can see the dome of the city hall from here.

From here, we stopped to pick up some dinner and bravely tackled the Bay Bridge traffic, which by then as we expected had loosen up a lot. In no time we were home eating dinner in front of some Big Bang Theory re-run.

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  1. Delightful series of photos. Love the views of those steep rocky areas. That's quite a climb.

  2. I like the view of the first shot

  3. Such lovely scenery - hard to believe it's so near San Fran!

  4. Can't say the place is very scenic and makes me think of a quarry in the first few photos but it has it's own charm and from the look quiet which is what you need. The church looks interesting to visit. Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. The views of the rocky areas are great!

  6. Beautiful images. I like the climb on series of steps.

  7. Hello, the beach and coastline are gorgeous. Lovely scenery and photos. Happy Friday, have a happy weekend!

  8. A great series of pics. I loved the church door. Too bad it was closed.

  9. Lotsa pictures. Very nice. excellent end of where-ever shots. Nice church. I guess churches are locked up nowadays. When we were kids we were end and out of church I imagine banging the door over and over again. I guess we were looking for any priests or Nuns to say hello too.

  10. yes I take my camera everywhere too, looks like you got some great shots :-)

  11. That beach is very pretty - I'd love to explore those caves. The peak on my blog dos not stay snow-covered - it's usually bare in the summer, and sometimes even at times in the winter there's not much snow up there as we live in such a dry, sunny area.


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