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Xcaret series here.

The Aviary is a must-see if you ask me. It is one of the spots I would revisit again.

In 1993 Xcaret began a macaw breeding program with both the scarlet macaws and the green macaws. Because of man-made threats like increasing capture of macaws for pet trade, clearing of rainforest for pasture, and rising human population, the Mexican government has classified the macaws as endangered. Who knew right?

The park was making progress in reviving the country's struggling macaw population. As a matter of fact Xcaret was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records for the most macaws born in one place - 105 macaws born in 2009. Xcaret is now home to over 700 macaws and the park began in 2013 a program to release the macaws in the wild. There is a nursery where you can take a peek at macaws in different stages of development.

In addition to the macaws, you will be able to see a wide variety of bird species, like toucans, flamingoes, etc. I am lousy at identifying birds.

What is very attractive is how the aviary is set up. You enter at the upper level and make your way two levels down passing a suspension bridge and waterfalls and lots of trees. It is a happy place for nature lovers.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8582

2016 05 23_canonpws_8577
At the entrance a red macaw acts as sentinel and checks to see if your bracelet is up to snuff.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8593
Upper level view.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8589
The mists from the waterfalls will offer some relief from oppressive heat.

2016 05 23_canonpws_8592
I'll cross the bridge when I get there - and I did.






2016 05 23_canonpws_8614

2016 05 23_canonpws_8600

2016 05 23_canonpws_8598

2016 05 23_canonpws_8661

2016 05 23_canonpws_8604

2016 05 23_canonpws_8608

2016 05 23_canonpws_8616

And what a pleasant surprise for me. I found an aratiles or saresa inside the aviary. In the house where I was born, we had this tree and we called Filipino cherry while growing up. I was so happy to see it and did not hesitate to pick a fruit and taste it. Taste like childhood.


2016 05 23_canonpws_8605

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  1. very pretty birds, don't know if I'd be game enough to go on the bridge, heights are my favourite thing.

  2. Beautiful place for birds,looks natural

  3. What a great place to visit. The bird are awesome. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  4. Beautiful bird shots and it looks like an awesome location! Looks like you were walking in the tree-tops!!

  5. Such a scenic place to wander. Love the waterfalls and the bright macaws.

  6. Wonderful place that is been maintained veey well. Beautiful captures.

  7. What beautiful surroundings1 The waterfalls here gorgeous, and so are the Macaws! Anyone who can handle a drawbridge is courageous in my eyes!

  8. Lovely shots of the birds and foliage.

  9. Some very nice photps of birds there.

  10. Wow, what a place. Those birds are beautiful and there are so many of them plus the setting is gorgeous.

  11. Wow -- a Nature lover's and a photographer's Paradise!! Wonderful! Love the gate sentinel -- prettiest entrance checker I've ever seen!!

  12. What an amazing place, such bright birds. And yes, the photo on my blog was two trees that I lined up :)

  13. you are right, this is a must see. I have never seen anything like this. They did a great job with it.

  14. Very beautiful pictures, I love the parrots !

  15. Fantastic shots of the birds and also the whole place is amazing.

  16. It looks awesome! Veery nice photos of birds


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