This Makes Me Happy


We were in the Sierras this weekend along with friends and their kids and stayed in a beautiful cabin in Alpine Meadows. It was a rainy weekend, but there was a stretch of dry where we took advantage of by taking a leaf peeping drive to nearby Plumas County while our friends opted to stay nearby and walk the trail to the watering hole.

This time around we just drove up to Sierraville and turned around because the rain had started again and we'd rather stay indoors and nap or chat with friends or watch tons of sports.



  1. What a great few seconds of magical movement. Oh, the lovely sounds of rustling leaves. It makes me happy too.

  2. Magical, indeed ~ creative photography of nature ~

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  3. airy and joyful tiny video was very nice.
    wow rainy day in meadow such a lovely weekend

  4. So cool to see your short video. The leaves were moving in the same way when I went to the Eastern Sierra two weeks ago. I have to learn more about the area you visited.

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend for everybody. nice video!

  6. Me, too!
    Thanks for sharing at


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