Universal Studios Florida: A Photographic Diary, part 4

Every day there is a parade that take place in the park; we were just too busy or waiting in line to stop and watch. However, on one of those days we caught sight of the parade, at least part of it.

2016 08 08_pentax_1056

2016 08 08_pentax_1057

2016 08 08_pentax_1058

2016 08 09_canonpws_9758

2016 08 09_canonpws_9755

2016 08 09_canonpws_9765

I was hoping I'd catch sight of well-known characters too, sadly though there were only few that we saw walking around.

2016 08 08_pentax_1059
One of th Transformers was holding court. I couldn't get any closer.

2016 08 12_canonpws_9409
Shrek was charming the ladies.

2016 08 12_canonpws_9411

2016 08 12_pentax_0660

2016 08 12_canonpws_9415
Doc Brown's deLorean stopped pedestrians on their tracks. For those who aren't familiar, Doc Brown and his famous deLorean (time machine) are from the 1985 movie BACK TO THE FUTURE.



  1. Walking around a place like that is fun... something new around every corner. When we were full time RVing, our next door neighbors for a winter season were retired people who worked summers as characters at Disneyland. He said he was "Goofy" ! Nowadays he'd probably be Shrek. They told us it was a fun summer job and gave them extra money to travel in the winter.

  2. Fine shots of the parade. I found your images very interesting.

  3. A spectacular parade for all ages.

  4. It looks like a fun parade. I know some of the characters but not all.

  5. Wonderful series of images from Universal Studio.

  6. I have not been to Universal Studios yet but I've seen the parade in Disney. I was the grown woman who was just as delighted when I saw the characters. Lol.

  7. Fun photos and well composed ~ thanks,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you ~ ^_^

  8. You sure managed to see some cool parade sights and snap some great pics! :)


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