Universal Studios Florida: A Photographic Diary, part 6

In the comment section on the previous post I was asked about the ticketing situation. This is what we did, we bought a 2-day 2-park ticket. Universal was running a prommotion that time where you get the third day free if you purchase 2-day ticket. Now we needed to purchase a multiple park ticket to hit both Diagon Alley (which was on Universal Studios) and Hogsmeade (on Universal's Island of Adventures). I believe we paid less than $200.

Now I believe we hit every single ride, except the big roller coaster. Even the 14-year-old did not want to touch the massive roller coaster, thank heavens for small miracles.

So to continue with the photos:

2016 08 12_canonpws_9407

2016 08 08_canonpws_9849

2016 08 09_canonpws_9737

2016 08 09_canonpws_9740

2016 08 09_canonpws_9741

2016 08 09_canonpws_9742

2016 08 09_canonpws_9746

2016 08 09_canonpws_9751

2016 08 09_canonpws_9752

2016 08 09_canonpws_9756

2016 08 09_canonpws_9760

2016 08 12_canonpws_9410

2016 08 12_canonpws_9417

2016 08 08_canonpws_9806
While the group decides where to go first - the 14-year-old and the 8-year-old naturally have opposing ideas where that would be - I was happy clicking to document the moment.

To be perfectly honest, I have enjoyed this trip more than I thought I would, despite the suffocating heat and humidity and the constant need to drink and pee alternately. It was something I would happily repeat - in the winter time.

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  1. i enjoyed visiting this huge amazing park through your powerful lenses .
    park with swings are expensive .though we don't have roller coaster but i too wish my kids don't ask for fastest swing as it scars me .
    thank you for wonderful sharing dear

  2. Hello, wonderful images from your visit to Universal. I am not far from there now, but I have not had a chance to visit yet. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  3. a fantasy world for sure. Great trip.

  4. Wonderful tour of Universal studio.

  5. Amazing pics from Universal Studio. Awesome post.

  6. Enjoyed the virtual tour of the Universal Studios. Makes me want to visit it someday.

  7. I do like Universal Studios - more than Disneyland/world... Nice shots.

  8. I love the last shot showing the opposing point of views. Thanks for tour of Universal Studios, I've never been there.

  9. Good times - I remember the Jurassic Park ride in the California version of the park.

  10. Amazing trip. Thanks for sharing.


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