I Went to Disneyworld! (part 2)

When I first visited Disneyland as a fresh off the boat expat some two decades ago, I was already an adult. I grew up in a country and a culture where Disney was not part of our childhood. Thus I was star struck at the first sight of Disneyland and Main Street. It was like I stepped onto the pages of a fairy tale land, and I loved it! Loved it!

And that is the reason why I convinced my travel team to select Magic Kingdom as the one park we visit in Disneyworld. I wanted to revisit Main Street again. I wanted to see it through the eyes of the kids I was travel companions. Although I did not elicit the response I was hoping for, I kept in mind that they are born here and are subjected to all the Disney characters since they were little and are not easily impressed like most kids are here.

Anyway, I loved it still. Although I believe I might have to see Disneyland again just to complete my scientific comparison of which I love more, because upon seeing Main Street at Disneyworld it paled in comparison to its counterpart in California, in my opinion.

This is Main Street through my lens:

2016 08 11_pentax_0744

2016 08 11_pentax_0746

2016 08 11_pentax_0741

2016 08 11_pentax_9955

2016 08 11_canonpws_9536

2016 08 11_canonpws_9531

2016 08 11_canonpws_9534

2016 08 11_canonpws_9527

2016 08 11_canonpws_9434

2016 08 11_pentax_0735

2016 08 11_pentax_0742



  1. Very fun reading your history. And it all looks so fun.

  2. What fun and fantastic photos of the event ~ thanks,

    Wishing a Very Merry Christmas ~ ^_^

  3. Interesting - I've been to both multiple times and I'm not sure which I prefer.

  4. One of my favourite places on Earth! :) I always feel there like 10 again! :)

  5. A great set of pictures that capture the disney magic.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time


  7. Disneyland was such a HUGE experience for my kids while we lived in Pasadena, CA, those many years ago. So, yes, I still remember the magic of that place (and also of Knott's Berry Farm!). Disney World? I think we visited there once while living in Atlanta, but to sound like I don't really remember tells you it did NOT have the same effect on me as Disneyland. So I guess that says it all? I'm sure I'd feel different about both places if I went now!

  8. I can't say that Disney World holds much attraction for me - although I seem to be in a minority in this position! But it does seem to be a source of good pictures!

    Hope you have a great Christmas - Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Wonderful shots from Disney world.


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